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3 Ways To Ask For Client Testimonials
– And Why You Need Them

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Short client testimonials on your website will set you apart from other suppliers – let’s face it, they are your Unique Sales Proposition and the most trusted credibility source you can have.

72% of potential customers surveyed found client testimonials, reviews, customer success stories and case studies written by third parties have more influence on a sale than any other content on your marketing collateral.

Like all content, these should be updated regularly, and with a WordPress website there are great plugins and tools that can simplify adding these to your site.

How to request a testimonial

It is a general known fact, unless you ask for a testimonial, you will rarely be offered one. All businesses are in same position, so let us share some tips on how to simplify this dreaded task and see how we can confidently make our request. Remember in the lifecycle of your business all feedback is valuable. If a client shares a concern, be grateful they care enough to tell you.

  • Send an email adhoc to clients for your  new website launch  or campaign
  • Request a testimonial at the end of the project. This is the best time to ask for a testimonial
  • Whilst on site with your customer, at a particular milestone (ie. during a regular review). Ask if you can record a brief video with them about their experience with you. All you need is a mobile phone – most nowadays have a great video camera. Have a few questions up your sleeve for a filmed interview style testimonial that can help draw out a response from the client. Or just video them talking about the experience, you don’t have to be in the shot.

Explain to them that you would like to include this on your testimonials page. Emphasise that it’s also a great opportunity for their brand to be featured on your site and offer a backlink to their site – which is also great for SEO.

3 creative ways to feature a testimonial:

Video testimonial

By far the most powerful message, being visual and auditory. There is no scepticism surrounding videos like with written testimonials, because you can actually see and hear the message “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

They add clarity to your overall mission.

A video testimonial can engage, keeps prospects on your page longer (great for SEO) and if well written, can answer your viewers concerns about your company.

They spark interest.

Video testimonials do not only showcase your customer’s experience, but can pitch a particular product or service you offer and reiterate the features and benefits.

They improve your SEO exposure.

Posting video testimonials on social media helps you reach a wider audience. Make sure that the first 8 seconds of your video grabs the attention of your audience. It increases the chances of attracting visitors to your website and eventually turn them into your leads.

Survey forms

A more structured way of asking for specific feedback. At the end of the survey, you can ask for a summary to be featured on your website/social media.

Important Note: Do not edit testimonials you get from clients unless you are correcting grammar errors.

Offer a testimonial swap

Although a testimonial swap is relevant in some businesses, it is highly recommended if:

  • Both parties have provided services for each other, or
  • You worked together on the same project. Talk about your experience working with them, their timeliness, professionalism and other facts that could be a concern for new prospects.

Here is an example of an ad hoc video testimonial we made after a meeting with our client from Bite Me about their experience working with us. No, it isn’t a $2000 professional showcase, it was purely done on the spot and serves the purpose to highlight a positive customer experience.

Start requesting a testimonial from your clients/customers now – don’t leave it too long or it may never happen.


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