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SEO, what does this mean to you? Many say – “keywords for ranking on Google”, and that is correct – but it is not a simple task. Google crawls through each site and ranks it according to specific criteria (and this algorithm changes regularly). Your main goal is to rank ahead of your competition.

The truth is, SEO is such a complex world, hence the reason why businesses are investing in SEO to reap these advantages in the long run:

  • Cost effective long term strategy compared to paid ads
  • Drive traffic and/or sales
  • Increase brand awareness (people rely on Google more when searching for products)
  • ROI improvements
  • Get customer data
  • Analyse and monitor market behaviour, and
  • Expand your market share

A solid strategy is needed to stay on top.
Moreover, it takes time, patience and expertise to do it well.

Manual submission to local directories

Manual submission to social bookmarking sites

Getting more engagement (likes, comments, shares) on social media

Tracking monthly ranking progress

Selecting the right keyword phrases.

The good news is that systEmise has invested in leading software tools that provide us with key insights, tools. These tools require specific training and industry knowledge, and come with a hefty price tag – but we share the results with you for a fraction of the cost.

systEmise offers Basic SEO Plan & Packages for businesses.
Our packages include:

SEO Tools Setup (prerequisite to basic / advanced SEO)

Google Analytics Submission

Lets you track the overall performance of your website with reports about user behaviour.

Google Webmaster Configuration

Shows you the number of keywords (used by your audience) that your website becomes visible. Checks the pages from your site that are listed on search engines.

Google My Business Submission

Lists your website to Google Maps and Google Search so it becomes visible locally.

Google Places Submission

A local business listing by Google that appears in the search results containing information such as business address, office hours etc.

Basic Yoast Installation

A WordPress plugin allowing you to rank a specific website page and/or post for specific keywords.

Page optimisation

Optimising titles and descriptions of pages and/or posts using keywords so they rank higher on search engines.

Image optimisation

Improving the image title, description and alt text (appears when images are disabled in browsers for description)

Amend Content for Keyword Density

Ensuring that each page are not filled with too many keywords – which may result in getting penalised.

Content Migration

Moving of blogs from old site to the new one.

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