Customers today are flooded with emails –  and become selective on what they open. It is vitally important to make the first best impression with your prospects.

With that in mind, here are the 10 reasons why you should use your domain name ( as your professional email address.


Impression is the key

If you’re trying to build a professional brand for your business, first impressions are important. Email is one of the most common forms of communication with your potential clients. A professional email address creates a sense of trust, especially if it is from a credible website. This will boost your company’s potential to attract new customers.



Because you are a part of an organisation, you carry its name wherever you are – even virtually. A branded email is no different than word-of-mouth marketing. You speak directly to a client; only it’s done on the web. If that happens often, and you fail to have your own address, then they won’t easily remember your product branding.


Get a good Spam filtering system

Email addresses are the primary target of spammers and Malware viruses. Having your own email domain makes you prone to this type of viruses which endangers your important information online. You wouldn’t want your email to a potential client to just end up in the in the spam folder or worst – the trash bin.



Associating the name of your business to your professional email address adds a buzz of interest to potential clients.

Can you just imagine receiving an email from instead of Chances are it will remain unopened or ignored.

Your professional email address can be an easy recognition of your company. Customers will also start to remember the name of your business which builds brand awareness and trust.


Backup is vital

Keeping a backup of your files is essential. It protects you if your webmail provider decides to shut you down without notification, or if hackers find their way into your data.

Just imagine the horror of losing all your contacts in case of security mischief online. but you can save yourself with all the troubles by keeping a backup of your contacts in an excel spreadsheet. Free storage devices online such as Google Drive is an online hard disk that allows you to secure your files, plus you can access them anywhere.


Securing Privacy

Entrusting your data online has its consequences, this is because of the impending dangers of viruses that snoop and hack through your private data. It is important to check the repelling capabilities of your email subscription to viruses and hackers, otherwise, all your important files online are in danger.



You can create  specific email addresses that channel emails to  people in various departments in your business (ie admin@ or info@). This will  boost your potential to respond quickly to inquiries. It is also easy to maintain continuity of the email address if someone leaves or takes a holiday as the alias can easily be changed to a new person and the customer need never know !!



Having your own custom business email address gives you control and organises your system. Through this process, you can easily create email addresses for new employees in your company and gives you the convenience of monitoring the inactive ones.


Organise email by department

It is common for large businesses to do this so potential customers can raise concerns directly to the responsible person or department. Moreover, it avoids the trouble of forwarding messages often.


Team members are recognised

Often, CEO email addresses are the most recognisable contacts on the list. Yet, the CEO or simply the business owner isn’t always there to answer your messages. This is why getting your team members their own contact information is important. Potential clients could easily know that a particular person works for your business. They are introduced to the team and their expertise in their specific roles.

And that’s how you gain more trust from them.


Having trouble setting up a customised professional email address for your business? Feel free to send a message at so we can help you with your needs.

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