google algorithm update 2018Now is the time to speed up your website loading on mobile!

In its recent post, Google announced its latest algorithm update for page speed in mobile search that will roll out in July 2018. This update will improve the mobile experience of users and will be one of the ranking factors for mobile searches.

Here are important points to take note of about the ‘Speed Update’:

  • It will only affect pages with the slowest loading pages
  • It will only affect a small percentage of search queries
  • Slow pages with highly relevant content may still rank; thus, search query intent is still considered as a ranking signal

However, there is no available tool to determine if a page is affected by this update. This is why Google encourages everyone to:

think broadly about how performance affects a user’s experience of their page and to consider a variety of user experience metrics.

Here is the original post as published by Google.


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