Hootsuite Now Lets Users Schedule Instagram Posts

//Hootsuite Now Lets Users Schedule Instagram Posts

Hootsuite Now Lets Users Schedule Instagram Posts

schedule instagram posts on hootsuiteHootsuite, one of the most popular social media scheduling tools, now lets you schedule Instagram posts – particularly if you own a business.

Manual posting can be a cumbersome daily task for some business owners who juggle day-to-day activities. And finally, after many requests from its users, Hootsuite introduces advance scheduling of posts to save more time.

However, expect that there will be some loopholes in this new feature. For example, those who will schedule posts on Instagram still need to work with a Facebook Marketing Partner or Instagram Marketing Partner.

In a post published by Search Engine Journal, it says that:

This is not a perfect solution, but hopefully it’s the start of something that will be offered more widely. Scheduling posts natively within the Instagram app would be the most accessible solution…

How to use Hootsuite for Instagram

To schedule your Instagram posts on Hootsuite, you must first connect your Instagram account:

  1. Connect your Instagram account by clicking the Profile Icon in the launch menu and select Add a Social Network
  2. Choose Instagram among the options available and enter your credentials
  3. Create your Instagram stream by picking the tab you want to work with and selecting Add Stream

When scheduling and publishing Instagram posts:

  1. Add your text (ie. caption, hashtags and emojis) along with your photo or video in the Compose box
  2. Choose whether to:
    • Send Now (automatic publishing)
    • Schedule (select preferred date)
    • Autoschedule (date scheduled by the tool)
  3. Tap Share to publish your post

Here is a more detailed instruction from Hootsuite

Important note

Using the old Instagram API?


If so, you should migrate to the Instagram Graph API so new features will work perfectly. To know more about this announcement, read this article by Search Engine Journal.

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