Last year, we have listed 5 ways on how to improve your website visibility on search engines:

  1. Invest in value-adding content
  2. List keywords you want to rank for
  3. Install SEO plugins like Yoast Premium
  4. Update and remarket past blogs
  5. Maximise social media

While these are still an important part of your SEO activities, our list for this year’s trends consists of more technical and competitive approaches.

Nevertheless, these trends are sure-fire ways to keep your momentum up.

In consideration of those who have just heard about SEO, here is a simple explanation. Otherwise, simply jump on to our 2018 list of SEO trends.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a strategy to make your website visible to your audience using a set of selected keywords.

For example, you are an online shop based in Sydney and you are targeting audience looking for party dresses. You must be using keywords such as:

  • Shop party dress online
  • Buy party dress online
  • Cheap party dress

And many more!

There are many sure-fire ways on how to do SEO. The most common example is producing high-quality content that audience will love. In a nutshell, the higher you rank, the easier it is for your audience to find you.


How to improve your website rankings in 2018

  1. Invest in ephemeral content marketing

The rising popularity of Snapchat and Instagram stories gave birth to ephemeral content marketing.

An ephemeral content is:

  • Short-lived
  • Lasts only up to 24 hours
  • It disappears after 24 hours (unless you are able to save a copy)

Yes, it sounds scary! But this strategy is proven effective particularly for Millennials and Generation Z audiences. In fact, Instagram Stories reached 250 Million daily users last year – which led them to introduce Live Video replays.

The short-lived impact of ephemeral content provides you with these advantages:

  • Sense of urgency that is triggered by FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Easily draw the attention of your audience, and the potential ones, by exciting their curiosity to your brand
  • Become more conscious on who keep track on your brand regularly
  • Keeping your audience hooked to your brand
  • Provide a more authentic marketing approach with the rawness of clips and images on your ephemeral content
  • Boost overall engagement – because ephemeral marketing is the trend today!

Keep in mind that an ephemeral content can be tricky and not always effective for most business types.

For example, businesses taking longer time to generate leads must invest highly in long-lasting content marketing.

In essence, think carefully if this is the right time for you to consider this trend. Assess its relevance to your goals before taking actions.


  1. Creating a mobile-friendly website

You may have heard it before:

That Google is developing its algorithm so websites are more mobile-friendly.

Regardless of the exact percentage of mobile users, almost everyone across the globe is using mobile to search for something online. Whether finding a place to stay or buying gifts online.

That said, this calls for you to make sure that your website looks good on mobile.

The fast-paced changes of audience behaviour on search engines give rise to Google’s mobile-first indexing.

Ready to know more about the mobile-first indexing? Here is a helpful article from Moz.

Will it affect my rankings on search results if my website isn’t mobile-friendly?


Although the result may not be immediate, it will degrade your rankings over time.

Think of it this way:

Audience sees your website.

They exit right away because your website doesn’t look good on their screens.

They visit your competitor’s.

And they keep on coming to your competitor.

End of story.

At the end of the day, it is more than just following Google’s algorithm. It is about giving your audience the best mobile experience.


  1. Structuring rich snippets

Snippets are the information shown when you try to search for topics on Google.

For example, you are looking for a homemade pizza and normally you will see this:

featured snippet

A rich snippet looks like this:

rich snippet


A rich snippet easily captures attention than a normal one. With the audience becoming wiser in selecting websites to visit, they are more likely to click on links with relevant details like ratings, votes, reviews etc.

However, rich snippets are not included in Google’s ranking signal – at least at this point of time.

What it does is improving your traffic which gives your ranking a boost.

But who knows? Maybe soon Google will include this in its ranking factors.

Want to check if your website supports rich snippets? Here is an amazing tool recently developed by Google.

Not yet supporting rich snippets? Ask us how.


  1. Online reviews

Just before 2018 has officially begun, Search Engine Journal wrote that:

Google has been spotted integrating reviews from third party sources in the Knowledge Graph cards for Google My Business listings.

Here is how a Knowledge Graph looks like:

Although this is seen mostly for hotels and resorts for the meantime, it is worth getting online reviews as early as you can. Keep in mind that building your image takes a longer time than imagined. So, utilising time to ask for online reviews is essential to keep your business in the long run.

  1. Voice search

The search patterns of audience are continuously shifting to a more effortless approach.

Take for example the voice search.

Smartphones are engineered to become multi-faceted and more straightforward. Voice search may not be as popular as the normal search behaviour of audience. But the constant revolution in technology will pick up its momentum in the future.

In fact, 1 out of 5 searches is from voice queries.

So, where do we go from here?

The rising popularity of voice search encourages marketers to become more customer-focused than ever.

Here is a simple explanation to that:

Voice search users are most likely to use natural language rather than taking shortcuts – just like how we do it sometimes directly on search engines.

Voice searching has a conversational approach. It is as if you are asking a friend where you should go for a cup of tea or cheap hotels in Sydney.

But this time, you are talking to an AI.


  1. Website speed

We’ve all heard it before.

But this trend has something to do with the mobile-first indexing that Google is boiling in the pot right now.

The most common problem websites encounter on their mobile version is keeping up with the speed. Apart from making sure that your website is mobile responsive, the speed is also an important factor you should look at.

If you are an online shop, you do not want customers leaving your website before they even purchased a product. Poor speed prompts your audience to switch to your competitor – which is a loss on your part.

As an effect:

Google places you to a lower ranking if this happens too often.

So, regardless your website has a clean design and you offer better products than your competitors, it can go to nothing if you keep your customers waiting.

Using WordPress for your website? Follow these steps below to improve your speed:

  1. Purchase and download the zip file of WP Rocket plug-in
  2. For automatic installation:
    • Log in to your WordPress admin panel
    • On the left sidebar, go to Plugin
    • Select Add New and click on Upload Plugin
    • Select the WP Rocket zip file
    • Click on Install Now and the ‘Yes’ button afterwards
  3. For manual installation, it is best to ask for our assistance

Note: After activation, go to your settings panel. An automatic email will be sent to inform you that a new website is added to your account.


  1. Website security

The most important trend everyone must take seriously.

Last year, we advised our valued clients to purchase their SSL Certificates to make their websites more secured.

How to know if my website is secured? Look for this:

 SSL secured website

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. It provides a secure and encrypted communications between websites and internet browsers. It is installed on website pages for the safety of users who submit sensitive information such as passwords, personal information, credit card etc.

 What’s in it for me?

Just look  at these benefits when you have your website secured:

  • Secure connection to users sharing personal data
  • Prevents hackers from intercepting data
  • Increased rankings
  • Be prepared for more changes by Google in terms of security

Steps on how to install an SSL Certificate to your website:

1. Go to this link

2. Hover to Security Addons on the menu bar and select SSL Certificates

3. Find ‘Standard SSL $69 per year and click the “Order Now” button

4. Provide your web developer with the reference number for installation

NOTE: You may ask us for assistance in installing your SSL Certificate

Exciting news for all!

systEmise is releasing its first comprehensive guide for SEO soon! Learn the basics of SEO, the do’s and don’ts and some of the strategies we use to boost your rankings. Stay tuned for our launching!

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