ALERT: Have You Implemented The Latest Google Chrome Update To Secure Your Site

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ALERT: Have You Implemented The Latest Google Chrome Update To Secure Your Site

The latest Google Chrome update now requires non-secured websites to convert HTTP to HTTPS.

As part of its new data protection requirement, Chrome will start marking websites that collect sensitive information as ‘non-secure’ if they don’t switch to HTTPS. This change will bring more security to users and site owners moving forward.

How HTTPS works

HTTP, or HyperText Transfer Protocol, is a protocol for passing information between servers and users. On the other hand, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is the same as HTTP although it’s a secured protocol.

In essence, an HTTP site is more prone to online hacking. It is too risky for clients to share sensitive information if a website is not secured.

Read this article from Search Engine Journal for further details about the change.


With this change, there’s one question that needs to be answered.

Will it affect your ranking on Google?

Brian Dean, one of the most respected SEO experts, teamed up with SEO companies namely SEMRush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, and MarketMuse. Their research is about the impact of HTTPS to a site’s ranking. It showed that it is ‘moderately correlated’ with higher search rankings.

In addition, Brian Dean stated that switching to HTTPS for SEO purposes only isn’t ideal. The process of migration is more complex than you think. If your website gathers sensitive information from users, it’s best to seek an expert’s assistance.

On the other hand, it’s always best to use HTTPS if you’re starting a new website. You won’t have any problems in taking a switch moving forward.


Prior to creating a new website, think of your users’ safety. Google is constantly updating its data protection requirement to provide better user experience. The latest Google Chrome update is just one of the many changes… and it’s forever changing.

Need help?

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