The latest Google Chrome update now sets a deadline of July 2018 before it will warn users if a site is insecure.

As part of its new data protection requirement, Chrome requires non-secured websites to convert from HTTP to HTTPS. Users browsing on insecure websites, or those HTTP websites, will see a “Not secure” warning in Chrome’s address bar. This prompt will cause users to leave the website and later on impact other key factors to SEO, lead generation, online sales and many more.

On the brighter side, this change will bring more security to users and site owners moving forward.

How HTTPS works

HTTP, or HyperText Transfer Protocol, is a protocol for passing information between servers and users. On the other hand, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is the same as HTTP, save that it’s a secured protocol.

not secured website

Example of an insecure website


In essence, an HTTP site is more prone to online hacking. It is too risky for clients to share sensitive information if a website is not secured.

secure website

Example of a secure website

It is still unclear, however, how Chrome will warn websites with a combination of secure and insecure web pages. If you happen to have this situation, it is always better to take a shift in upgrading your website security.

How this affects your website

Does it improve my ranking on Google?

Yes and no.

Brian Dean, one of the most respected SEO experts, teamed up with SEO companies namely SEMRush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, and MarketMuse. Their research is about the impact of HTTPS to a site’s ranking. It showed that it is ‘moderately correlated’ with higher search rankings.


This update is beyond improving your SEO. Consider these facts:

To know more about the Chrome update, read the full article published by Search Engine Journal.

Need help?

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