In the excitement of office parties and the long-awaited holiday break, don’t leave your office closure preparations till the last minute. Here is a holiday checklist you can share across your organisation to tick off the year and the office:

Check your Office facilities

  • Test alarms, replace batteries and make sure fire equipment is working
  • Consider evening lights on a timer to suggest people are inside
  • Record a short & sweet voicemail greetings and response, explaining that your office is closed for a certain period of time
  • Check and clean the fridge, pantry and desk drawers for perishable  leftovers
  • Throw the rubbish out
  • Ensure plants have enough water and lighting
  • Back up computers and mobile phones
  • Ensure “find my phone” is working
  • Unplug all equipment and appliances
  • Ensure computers servers have sufficient airflow
  • Make sure all windows are shut and locked – better if there are double locks available
  • Secure and lock all valuable assets of the company such as documents and cash among others
  • Ensure that all monitoring facilities, such as CCTVs, are active and someone is monitoring them real-time
  • Know who will be the last person in the office to ensure no one is trapped inside and know they are responsible for closure
  • Check that all alarm systems in your office are working and turned on
  • Give a spare key to a trusted employee who lives nearby for any emergency
  • Ensure that all tenants have a coordinated plan for the office closure if you share parking and lifts


Coordinate with everyone about the holiday closure

  • Inform your landlord that you will be closing down for the holiday –  exact dates and time
  • Advise your staff not to disclose to everyone your office is empty for the holidays
  • Cancel or reschedule any possible deliveries or services (i.e. newspapers, postcards, packages, suppliers)
  • Advise any business-related deliveries or clients about the close down dates
  • Advise the office cleaner of closure dates.  Organise a thorough clean when office is empty
  • Set your answer machine message with emergency contact message
  • Set an “out of office” auto-reply email
  • Order supplies needed in January and ensure delivery isn’t during the closure period

Finances, leave and pay

  • Check your insurance is up to date and covers the holiday period
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds in your business account to cover any regular payments for salaries and other bills
  • Clarify with staff their exact leave dates and note them
  • Send out your invoices to clients
  • Pay your supplier invoices
  • Settle your finances and pays

Take note of this holiday checklist so you are prepared for the Christmas wind down. Remember that your office is your and your employees’ second home. Having these precautions done will give everyone a stress-free holiday break.


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Happy holidays!

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