6 Social Media Best Practices to Take Advantage of the Holidays

//6 Social Media Best Practices to Take Advantage of the Holidays

6 Social Media Best Practices to Take Advantage of the Holidays

The holiday season is here and everyone’s rushing to get the best deal of the year. The yuletide season will intensify the use of social media with personal greetings by friends and loved ones from other places. If you are a Marketer or a Business Owner, this is the best opportunity to take advantage of the Christmas Frenzy — especially in implementing these social media best practices.

Here are some online promotion tips so you’ll have a successful social media campaign:

1. Choose the right social media channel

Using social media is essential but it needs to be carefully managed on a regular basis. If your business is advertising on more than 3 social media channels, you may want to take a look at the engagement on each account and cut down on the less active channels. This will give you more time to focus on monitoring your Ads and interacting with your audience.


2. Advertise promotions which are only available on social media

To engage your audience on your social media channels, offer deals that can only be acquired on social media. Create Fan-Only content in your Ads, but, be careful as some social media channels such as Facebook do not really appreciate “like-gating” promotions. Use 1 to 2 social media sites and focus on the interaction there. Utilise the CTA buttons  in your Ads and avoid phrases that can cause your Ads to lose an audience.

Bonus tip: Having a 12-days-of-Christmas promotion idea is one of the trendiest gimmicks done by most businesses. Make sure that yours is consistent across all social media platforms so your branding this season will become more memorable.


3. Offer Free shipping or free giveaways

Who wouldn’t want a great giveaway deal or free shipping? Offering small perks that don’t eat into the profit margin can generate more sales especially during seasons like this and differential your business with your unique sales proposition.


4. Use images and videos that appeal your audience

People hate wordy posts. According to studies, 65% of our population are visual learners. In other words, people find it more appealing to click and view images or videos on social media. So make sure your Ads are visually appealing to increase your chances of gaining attraction.


5. Offer customised services

Show you care by sending personalised Christmas or thank you eCards. Look after your existing customers, as these are the ones most likely to recommend you to their peers and be an advocate of your services.


6. Provide exceptional customer service

Look for unique ways to deliver exceptional service that makes  your business stand out .Take a small amount of time to go the extra mile. For instance, the Life Events feature of Facebook is a powerful way to create a solid rapport between you and your customers. Surely, these people will remember you for remembering them on their special day.


This holiday season, systEmise offers you an opportunity to personalise your season’s greetings to your clients.

Only few weeks to go before Christmas! Send your clients a Christmas e-card now. Click here to select from our template or let systEmise create a personalised image – how about a Cartoon Card of your team?

Social media has been an integral part of an effective Online Marketing Strategy. We, at systEmise, recognise this and we’d  love to provide assistance to help your business benefit by using effective strategies.

Contact us at admin@systemise.com.au

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