Three Latest Updates for Your Facebook Page on the Roll out!

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Three Latest Updates for Your Facebook Page on the Roll out!

11th June 2015

In its quest to dominate the news and content distribution, Facebook enhanced its features for Company or Business pages. Obviously, Facebook is trying to ensure that its users will not go to other social media platforms. You must be wondering what’s the difference? Let me explain further.

Just like Google, Facebook had also been juggling its algorithms around for the past few months. Changes are regularly done with Facebook which cause either uproar or amazement to their users. In line with this, let me further drill down to what these new features are.

CTA (Call To Action) buttons for your company page.


  • What is CTA (Call to action) anyway?

It is often seen as a phrase or image, that asks the user to click on or take action. It’s more of a shortcut to “Call” to make an “Action”. It can be viewed as a button, banner or a simple hyperlink which denotes a simple instruction. Seen on the sample above:

Its primary objective is to have someone click the image or link. It is often used for Marketing purposes.

  • What’s in it for me?

To simplify a process. This is one benefit if you add the feature on your webpage. Instead of them routing through another web page and wasting time discovering where exactly do they need to go, by adding a call to action  button on your Facebook page, Fans will simply click on it and perform the action you want them to do. Fast and very convenient for your target audience.

Depending on what type of product or service your company provides, you can choose from different CTA options. Click here to know more on how to set it up on your Facebook Page.

Featured Videos for your company page’s “About” section

Video promotions had been a great advantage to marketers in advertising their products and the company itself. Whether producing a testimonial or simply introducing the service or product of your company, videos became an essential tool to market. Since Facebook wants to make your life easier, of course, they added another feature! We all know you can upload a video on your Facebook Page but, can you make it appear in the first part of your page? Well now you can! Not only that, Facebook automatically adds it underneath your “About” section! Neat, isn’t it?


Scheduling Posts in advance for your company page.

Having various social media accounts can be tedious, especially if you need to stay active 5-7 times a week. That is one reason why some applications such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck and other similar apps were developed. This is to help marketers manage their weekly to monthly social media posts and updates more efficiently. Who wouldn’t love the idea that you can do what you need to do for the rest of the week thinking that your updates will automatically get posted on the days you want them to be? This is why Facebook provided this feature for their avid users. It applies mainly on company pages in which is mostly used by small to large scale businesses wherein their owners have a very hectic schedule but considers social media posting very essential.


How to take advantage?

Facebook has been diligently updating their features for the convenience of their users. When it comes to online marketing, social media is a very handy tool to use. Majority of online marketers never fail to have at least 1 social media platform to use. Most of them use LinkedIn or Facebook. If you are struggling on finding the right social media to use for your business, systEmise can help! Our online marketing team will provide the expertise you need to create engaging posts on your social media profiles. Services in which companies such as RiskTeq and Bite Me have been benefiting greatly. Talk to us and we can show you how you can take advantage of these features. Email us at:

Speak Out and Share

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