Use Twitter for Your Business Marketing – Why not?

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Use Twitter for Your Business Marketing – Why not?

According to Forbes, there had been a struggle for people to understand fully how Twitter works for business. How does it really work?

If there’s one piece of advise we can give to business owners, it’s not just about the tools or having a savvy website. Not even the high definition videos you produce! What is it? Well, it’s your audience!

What is the point of selling a product without a buyer? Let alone a shopper to check out what you offer. The trend in social media today is about expressions — you have to know how to speak to your audience with the right language, at the right time, and with the right social media channel.

You may be asking yourself, why would I continue reading this? I use Facebook already, why do I need another social media channel for my business? Why should I use Twitter for my business? The questions go on and on.

There is no doubt of  Facebook’s success for business. It is the giant in social media and online marketing. It has taken off with its popularity and usage. When we talk about Twitter for business, what does it actually do? What are the chances that it can amplify your business’ social visibility? How can Twitter improve your business model and plan?

How does Twitter differ with Facebook anyway?

According to the latest social media statistics, Facebook has more than 1.4 billion users monthly while Twitter has 300 million. Facebook has a larger slice of the market compared to Twitter. The question is, how many Facebook users are actually READING your paid boost posts and ads?

Number one is conciseness. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is fixed to a 140 character message/tweet (ie. for selling your products in a readable, short, precise message). Twitter is a site where you can reach your audience for free. Facebook, on the other hand, has been changing algorithms periodically. The possibilities of your targeted post reach are becoming more difficult unless you pay for ads. However, the best part about Twitter – it’s free!

So, if you need to get noticed, it’s less complicated to tweet. If you are a business start-up with a tight budget for advertising, why not use Twitter instead?

More reasons why you should use Twitter.

We are not telling you to stop using Facebook and focus on Twitter. What we suggest is to try adding Twitter to your marketing tools. Read on to find out more:

1. It connects you to your prospect customers and to the world


With 300 million users all over the world, you can reach an audience regardless of demographics as long as you have a solid content marketing strategy.

2. Introducing your brand

Twitter can easily become a regular routine, even Prime Ministers, school heads, and senior managements are regular on Twitter. Lives have been saved through Twitter as the message gets out immediately. This is a good opportunity to be seen and recognised. Make sure that you introduce your account as a PERSON. This gives a personal touch.

3. Customer’s feedback

Twitter has also become an emotion outlet to their users. So, this is the best medium to gather customer feedback. Responding on time will also make your customer feel that you care.

4. Online Marketing

Advertise, promote and create ads for your products. Add a catchy straightforward line, add a few images and tweet. No one can resist a good deal. The best part is, it’s free. Unless, if you wish to avail the new Twitter ad service, a few dollars will be worth from time to time. But NOT ALWAYS.

5. Share the latest update about your company

Let your customers know the latest update on your products. Keeping them updated regularly boosts the customer’s interest with your brand.

6. Promotions and advertisements

Giveaways and coupons are appealing to Twitter users. Give them a good deal and you will be the best !!

7. Twitter is very viral


Whether a regular joke of the day or a simple tweet about your product, it  can go viral in minutes. People tend to retweet and share their thoughts. So, start spreading the word about your business!

8. Keep a watch on your competitors

Twitter can be one of the best places to keep an eye on your competitors. See if they use the same strategy that you do or something better. You can follow the feedback, whether good or bad. It gives you an advantage to know where to start or strike next.

9. More Profitable  Sales

It’s viral, it’s simple and it’s free. Get started now !!

10. Customer Loyalty


So you have won your customer’s trust, built up credibility by keeping in touch, the next phase would be their loyalty. The best way to obtain customer loyalty is through great customer service. Use Twitter to your advantage.

What to do next

Now we’ve  discussed how awesome Twitter is, give it a try !! If you need help to get started on Twitter for your business, reach out to us. systEmise can provide the social media expertise you need for your business. Email us at

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