Converting lost visitors into sales through Google remarketing strategy

Have you ever worried about the visitors that you lost on your website? These visitors can now be turned into potential sales via effective online advertising. You can track your potential customers as they browse from one website to another, plus you can monitor if they are a frequent visitor to your competitor’s website.

This strategy is an excellent opportunity to observe the competition and a chance to improve the products and services that you are showcasing to your potential customers, which can result in increases sales.


Know Your Target and Re-act

Google continuously develops new techniques to improve your online presence, this includes online advertising that specifically aims to increase the number of your potential customers. Your website aims to showcase your products and services to a diverse market on the internet. According to research, most visitors online leave a website without a single purchase, this is due to the same products being offered by your competitors, which affects sales and the promotion of your business.

The use of good online advertising is not only to showcase your business, but to build your brand and emphasise why your products are exactly what the customer needs. An increase in the customer’s interest in your products can result in purchases or inquiries.


The Benefits Google Remarketing

Boost in Branding. One of the most important elements of a business is branding. Advertising your brand to your potential customers increases the chance of your business been noticed and reminds people of the products and services you are offering, which can affect future sales.

On conversion it is possible to generate customer sales from those that have shown interest in your products and services. Through remarketing, you are able to increase your chances of converting past clients to new sales with your latest offers.

A common mistake when attempting to re-market, is that the cost can be as high as an initial advertising campaign. The more efficient your remarketing is, the more you are able to maximise the opportunity for a better conversion rate & return on investment.

Flexible practices in your remarketing strategy should run on specified timeline, based on how long your want to expose your brand, the impression it creates and feedback from clients.

Knowing your audience is another factor to consider upon running your remarketing strategy. You need to know the audience your advertising display is going to target. Here are some examples of users that could potentially visit your site:

  • All visitors to your site
  • Subpages visitors
  • Users who are or are not prospective clients
  • Visitors that have been converted into clients
  • Visitors who instantly discard their shopping carts
  • Visitors on a specific timeline


Remarketing provides various options on what type of ads suits your website and target market. There are different types of display ads that you can choose from, such as image and text ads. The display ads on your site are strategically placed into categories where there is a high volume of customer visits, enabling your target market to see your latest products and services.


The Impact of effective Remarketing

systEmise features a new remarketing campaign from Google, wherein special codes are embedded into your website coding. These codes follow visitors in your website, when they browse the web and your competitor’s website. The products and service you are offering will be shown to the visitor in a creative but promotional approach that will mirror your ad design preference. Most customers are influenced to buy when they repeatedly see the same products and services offered, curious they will return to your site and be converted into buyers.

systEmise encourages the benefits of remarketing and its results, rather than resorting to other costly forms of advertisement. There is an expected increase of 20% to 30% in the conversion rate for website visits upon implementation of the remarketing strategy. This kind of approach can create a fantastic shift in sales of the company leading to a good return on investment in a short period of time.

This type of marketing strategy can lead to a remarkable transformation, creating a difference in terms of client relations, promotions and conversion rates. The remarketing campaign varies from one website to another, this considers what type of products and services are being offered and delivering a similar result to maximise sales opportunities. Here are some of the common approaches of a remarketing campaign:

  • Remarketing ads will be showcased in visitor populated parts of your website
  • Deals offered to bounced visitors
  • Specially designed ads to be strategically placed on your website’s subpages
  • Particular actions taken from your website will showcase a different advertisement
  • Specific ads dedicated to visitors who frequently visit your website without purchasing
  • Users with Up-sell and Cross-sell opportunities will be shown a specially created ad