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SEO is the way you structure the content, keywords, titles, videos and images, links etc on your site. This enables google to rank you and display your site based the search terms entered.

As SEO is a specialised skill we recommend you rely on our conscientious team to research this for you. The search engines are continually changing their rules and your time is valuable. We recommend you concentrate on continually producing good and quality content to engage readers on your site. Content is King with the search engines! ( especially with the new Hummingbird directive from Google for effective SEO)

All our projects start with Keyword Research and an assessment of your competition.

Our initial strategy is to understand how you are currently performing and assessing what competition you have . We then formulate a detailed marketing strategy to achieving your goals. We incorporate keyword selection, onsite technical aspects, content strategy and a number of external factors including social media.

These strategies often include:

We deliver professional eye-candy ranking and traffic reports

We provide you a full guide to your most profitable keywords including the current and expected visits. View sample.

We show you how your competitors are doing in search engines including the ranking difference. View sample*.

You can view your websites’ visibility grouped by search engines. View sample 1*. View sample 2*

We show you an overview of the Top Keywords. View sample*.

An overview of how your SEO efforts are doing. View sample*.

Using Analytics, you can easily check how your social media engagement perform. View sample*.

*for confidentiality purposes we protect our clients’ campaigns

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