Your logo is an integral component of your brand, so it is important to convey the right message that’s appealing to your target audience. Keep in mind that your logo reflects the personality of your business – from your colour preferences to the fonts you use.

Collaborating with a trusted logo designer will make the task lighter for you.
systEmise’s in-house logo designers can guide you in what will look best for your business logo.


Take a look at the logos of companies who partnered with us. Each stroke of our logo design ideas conveys a subliminal message to your audience, and gives them an impression of what your company is all about.

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We make sure that you are always involved in every step.
We collaborate with you to come up with a high quality logo design that fits your brand. Together, we can create an impressive brand logo, giving a personal touch to your audience.

& Brainstorming

Tell us about your business, your ideal customers, business tagline, colour preferences, fonts and the desired emotional feel of your logo.

Draft Design

We develop your logo design sketches around your brief and by researching your target market .

& Revisions

Once you selected the best logo from our draft pencil sketches, we will create finishing touches or revisions to your logo to make it more lively.

Final Logo

All important logo applications are designed and presented in a “style guide” book, describing the standard layout, colour, imagery and typography guidelines for consistent use in all your marketing materials.


    systEmise TOP 5 TIPS


    Keep It Simple and Splendid! Remember that less is more so make sure your brand logo conveys the right emotion or idea without too much detail. Your logo symbolises your organisation as a whole.

    Visual Double Entendre

    A logo becomes more exceptional if your audience can visualise two images into one idea. It makes your brand logo stand out among the rest.

    Personal Connection

    Each stroke from your design must convey a personal connection between your business and your audience. Your logo must symbolise what’s in it for them to spark your brand retention.


    Even the smallest detail should create a balance with the overall look and feel of your logo. A single mismatching colour combination can make it look cluttered. Fonts, colour and layout must maximise the space.


    Did you know that your choice of colours for your logo represents a specific meaning? Here are some of them:

    Red – stimulates appetite, energy, danger or aggression

    Orange – implies innovation and modern ideas

    Blue – signifies professionalism, integrity and sincerity

    Black – indicates power and sophistication

    When choosing your colour preferences, make sure that they match the fonts and layout of your logo.