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Social media marketing is the social extension of your brand. It is the personality behind your business.

A strong social media campaign should be at the heart of your Marketing Strategy, to connect you with new audiences and to spark conversions. The social media network can powerfully spread your conversations with fans and followers, and can bring your brand to life through your personality and tone of voice.

Let us set up each Social media channel to benefit your business

We specialise in making them all work together under one integrated Social Media Promotion Plan with your website as the hub 


How systEmise can help with your Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Site set up

We set up your social media profiles on relevant sites that will benefit your business. We look at where your potential clients “hang out” and focus on meeting them there. We then develop a Social Media Strategy that incorporates all media presences together to reinforce a consistent brand across all channels.

We help you choose the right platform to distribute the content to your audience:

  • Facebook: This is a platform to interact with people you already know
  • Instagram: Most famous image-sharing tool that produce attractive images to catch prospects attention.
  • Twitter: Use this network to broadcast your opinions, new ideas, and reactions
  • Google+: To connect with people you may not know who share the same interests
  • Pinterest: Pinboards of images that reflect your interests and are expressive of you
  • LinkedIn: Your personal resume for marketing yourself and your abilities
  • Campaigns, Promotions and Seasonal Offers 

We develop a monthly plan to bring together your social media presences – for your promotions, media campaigns, competitions, content and advertising. We then automate the process using Social Media software to schedule posts to your sites.

  • Regular Blog Posts

Content is the key to success in the online world. Keep engaging audiences with unique, interesting and relevant content to meet them along their journey at the various stages. We can assist you to plan and schedule your content based on current topics, seasonality, themes and common concerns

  • Pay per Click Campaigns / Adwords

Consider fast tracking your advertising – with display ads on Google (pay per click) and Facebook . We help you select keywords, market segments, geographic locations and customer profiles etc. With the cost-per-click option, you’re only charged if people click your ads. This means every dollar of your budget goes toward bringing new prospects to you.

Example of our Content  Strategy Services

The ultimate key to engage readers is to deliver quality content – and Google will love you !!

Remember: content is King of the Jungle in 2013.

systEmise offer a content creation service – using professional content writers

systemise Content Creation Template

Using templates similar to above work together with you to create a content strategy.

Each piece of content on the site needs to have a clearly defined purpose, writing style and good layout. The template acts as a guide to

  • Identify the type of reader (buyer persona)
  • Prepare content to meet readers at each stage of the buying cycle
  • Provide an engaging headline
  • Identify the prospect concern that we will be addressing in the article
  • Target keywords
  • Approximate the number of words
  • Images to incorporate

The way you write your content will impact the way your visitors, prospects and customers will find, think, and feel about your brand or service. Creative, unique and innovative content combined with “white hat“ Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media best practices is the ultimate combination that makes your business easy to find and attract, engages and convert your target audience.

Our systemised Content Marketing service aims to put your brand in front of prospects. The structure then should take them on your carefully planned navigation trail to convince them to take your desired action.

Our goal is to cater to your customers needs and solve their pain points through highly targeted, creative, top quality and well-structured content.

It doesn’t matter how boring you think your business is, your main product or service may actually be able to solve problems you never considered people would be searching for. Each problem you can solve deserves a page of its own. That’s because each page on your site is a potential entry point or landing page for a prospective customer.

Like it or not, the rules of business have changed – the technology revolution has opened up new opportunities for all to speak and have our message heard.

  • Is your business gripping onto the old ways, hoping that the market will just come your way?
  • Are you proactively embracing the power of the internet for marketing opportunities to let your business “be seen, be heard and be found”?
  • Do you have a Marketing Strategy in place to advertise and engage your readers visually, vocally and through audio?
  • Do you use the power of podcasts, videos, blogs and images to drive traffic to your website through engaging landing pages, lead magnets and social media shares?Monkeys-1

The team at systEmise have decided it’s time to set the 3 wise monkeys free. These little monkeys whose message “don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak” are embarking with us on a new journey and are given the chance to finally speak out !!

  • The ground rules of marketing have changed. Today you have “to be in it to win it “.
  • So release the monkeys in your business!
  • If you need assistance, call us and let us help you find new market wisdom.

 Let your business be seen, be heard and speak out !!

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