July 2017

How To Run Successful Marketing Campaigns Through YouTube

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If YouTube was a country, it will come as the 3rd largest next to China and India. Through video marketing, many marketers have run successful marketing campaigns. Every month, over 3 billion people around the world visit YouTube to watch various videos - from DIY to mind-blowing trivial facts. It is considered as the 2nd [...]

March 2017

3 Latest Facebook App Changes Every Business Needs to Know

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Have you managed a Facebook page - either for yourself or for a company? Whether you are or not, you surely have encountered latest Facebook app changes that restructured your social media strategy. So today, we're going to talk about these Facebook changes that you need to know before hitting that Post button. The Facebook Algorithm Facebook [...]

December 2016

How To Optimise A Website With A Call To Action Button

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What is a Call to Action (CTA) Button? A call to action button is a clickable link in your website that redirects users to a form or a landing page. It can also be a link to a blog, product page, contact page, or any relevant pages from your site. The most common call to action [...]

November 2016

October 2016

June 2015

Facebook Is Rolling Out Another News Feed Algorithm Change

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15th June 2015 Facebook announced that it’s rolling out another change to its News Feed algorithm that takes into account the time users spend on stories. Long story short, if users spend more time looking at a post, Facebook is going to assume that such a post is of interest. In other words, it’s not [...]

Why Instagram should be part of every business

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10th June 2015 It’s common knowledge that a massive amount of digital content is being created daily on social networks. How much is massive? Every second there are 2,100 new posts on Instagram bringing an average of 180 million uploads each day. This rate of content creation spells nothing but opportunity for businesses. Not [...]

Online Sellers Should Look At These Pinterest Shopping Stats

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2nd June 2015 “The results are in: if you sell online, you should be on Pinterest,” says Shopify social media manager Dayna Winter. But you already knew that, right? In case you didn’t, Shopify has a new infographic out further highlighting the importance of Pinterest to online sellers. It makes use of data from a partnership [...]

Study: 45% of Businesses Saw Ranking Changes From Mobile-Friendly Update

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1st June 2015 So was Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update (“Mobilegeddon”) overhyped or not? Well, perhaps yes and no. While the initial consensus after the update’s launch was that changes in search rankings were minimal, a recent study indicates that small-to-medium sized enterprises did see some significant changes – just not complete ranking obliteration as the [...]

May 2015

Why social media is mobile marketing: Control Shift

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21st May 2015 This week, Sensis released the results of an annual survey looking at how Australians, and Australian businesses, use social media. Buried deep in the report is one particularly insightful statistic about social media. According to the figures, back in 2011, just 34% of Australians used a smartphone to access social media services. [...]

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