Our SEO audit is a comprehensive, detailed review and evaluation of your website. This is the first step to overhaul your website and the beginning of planning a competitive site. We will get the data off your website’s inbound links then compare it to your competitor’s site. We will take a look at each link and identify which category it falls. Let’s say its an article link, enewsletter link, events page link, blog posts link, social media links, industry links and more.

Many companies are willing to hire the best SEO specialists because they understand its importance as their long-term success plan. Imagine yourself building a new home, you hire the best builders and focus on the structure and its foundation because you want a home that lasts. Your website is the home of your business on the web, so its a wise move to ensure your website will last and most especially, prospects must find you. You need an excellent SEO strategy to achieve those goals. Avoid being like other companies who “do it once and forget it”.

Did you know that your SEO strategy must be audited (minimum of) twice a year? Simply because SEO strategy is never stagnant it changes all the time. So if you’ve been practicing your SEO strategy for 3 years now, consult an expert today because the best SEO tactic 3 years ago may not be the best SEO tactic today. SEO audit conducts a heart-check for your website to ensure you stay up to date with the latest developments. It will assess your ongoing SEO strategies and identify some SEO goofs you are not aware.

Are you aware that all search engines especially Google are regularly changing? Be sure you do not miss this one. Each year, Google updates its algorithm between 500 and 600 changes! So if you failed to review your SEO strategy, you failed a big opportunity to boost your ranking’s raise! This is where systEmise comes in; we do this comprehensive job for you. Our SEO audit is carefully designed to help your website be fully optimised, so you never miss a thing.

review checklist of SEO

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