Our proven marketing strategy that delivers customers

This web design strategy and social media has the power to change the course of your business and really drives sales.

ATTRACT, ENGAGE, CONVERTto quickly grow your customer base :

  • Reach out beyond your existing contacts
  • Attract more visitors who are interested in what you have to offer
  • Continue to engage them throughout their decision making journey
  • Convert them into satisfied recurring customers
  • Do you have a clear Business and Marketing Strategy?
  • Have you set your 90 day plan?
  • Have you a long term vision and exit strategy for your business?
  • Do you understand their motivations?
  • Are you meeting them  in their hang-outs?
  • Is your website navigating them through a path to find your solution –
  • Have you built  “buyer personas” of your ideal clients to help write meaningful content for them
  • We begin by asking  “What are your potential customers looking for?
  • Is your website easy to find so prospects can see your product or service offering?
  • Is your message clear to inspire your readers to take further action?
  • Does your message provide answers to customer needs and concerns ?
  • Does your message create new customer needs?
  • Are you measuring your visitors and their behavior on your site ?
  • Are you building a list of prospects to further grow your business ?
  • If you recognise that it is a SOLUTION you are after, please look no further. We can help you.

Diagram of website production process elements

  • Can you easily be found on the internet
  • Are you collecting leads , making relationships, to make more sales
  • Making repeat sales by continuing the relationship
  • Builds a marketing list through “call to action” buttons  and “lead magnets”
  • Drives email marketing campaigns to maintain contact with visitors and build a relationship of trust
  • Educates your visitors through meaningful , useful CONTENT so they respect your  advice and return
  • Leads them purposefully through your site through carefully planned navigation paths
  • Lets them share your content so they can help their friends and contacts
  • Gives truthful, meaningful information about your offer
  • Respects their time but engages them to stay on your site
  • Collects measurable statistics about your site to see if it is productive
  • Allows for split testing of alternative layouts that may attract more visitors
  • Your branded content needs to appear where people are already looking for information
  • You aim to be found when and where they need you
  • Your content needs to be optimised for viewing through their device or platform of their choice
  • Opportunities need to be uncovered to syndicate your message across social media and marketing channels
  • Customer needs must be anticipated
  • Quality content must be  optimised ( SEO ) to address your customers concerns gives you the opportunity to not only provide answers to a need, but actually create one…..thus increasing your opportunities to convert them …
  • Don’t let anyone convince you that SEO is not important, without it, your website will be like a billboard in a desert
  • We help identify keywords and structure your  content to enable pages, images, videos and content to be found on search browsers
  • Through our SEO tools we can track data on your prospects behaviour across your site.
  • By analysing your data we can gain insights about your prospects , to help you personalise content and anticipate customer needs.
  • The aim is to take them prospects one step closer to doing business with you.
  • Our “buyer persona” templates help us identify with and understand behaviors of your target audience
  • We can then engage them and place meaningful content on their preferred social media channels
  • We guide you through our creative content proformas to address and provide a solution to their needs
  • Remember your brand favourably
  • Interact with your website content and
  • Can ultimately convert and become loyal customers
  • Feel their needs are met by your company
  • Are not be afraid to be an advocate on your behalf in their social media channels
  • We use our templates to work with you to create your blog posts, lead magnets, opt-ins, marketing campaigns and emails

Now, it’s time to convert them, by providing just the right information, optimised for their device at the right time to close the deal.

A conversion can be any action you want a site visitor to complete. All are planned actions aimed to take your client on a journey to progress them closer towards :

  • Making a  SALE
  • Finding a lead
  • Making a download
  • Watching a video
  • Subscribe to a list
  • Submit a contact form
  • Completing a “call to action” on your site

When you define your conversion goals, you  are actually building a navigation map for your visitors with calls to action that  guide the visitor to take the next step.

This model is being used successfully worldwide by Marketing Specialists, which is why systEmise have adopted the same approach to provide you with the best solution.

systEmise genuinely wants to help you grow your business. 

Don’t be afraid to take the first step by contacting us. We are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and we:-

  • Speak in terms you understand with good explanatory templates for you to refer to
  • Ensure no steps are overlooked that could cause later inefficiencies
  • Provide step-by-step guides to train your team so you will be familiar with updating content, images, videos etc
  • Constantly improve our systems to offer you the latest tools and competitive advantage
  • Help you implement change in your business so your team buys into the process
  • Minimise interruptions as your time is valuable

Our process consists of the following phases. Each phase can be purchased individually or as a complete marketing/ Web design / Social media / SEO package.