1. We understand your business

We are Accountants / Marketing professionals with over 30 years experience with small / medium businesses in Australia and UK. We understand the elements that make up a successful business. Before developing your site, we look at your business model , your statistics , your SWOT analysis to ensure that your marketing strategy is aligned with your business goals and your market opportunities. An integrated approach creates a solid platform for growth and communication

2. We value your time

Our systemised processes using templates and questionnaires are designed to collect your information at planned touchpoints to avoid unnecessary interruptions to your day and to make the process “Stress Free”

3. We ensure no steps are overlooked

Our project management tools ensure all steps are covered, so you know exactly what we are doing, what needs to be done but most of all we carefully monitor your project.

4. We educate you

To ensure you understand the process we provide our members with ongoing education and online guides. You need to be confident with your site and its capabilities so you can update content, images and blogs yourself. Remember, google likes new content !

5. We protect you – as you own your system

Our number one advice to our clients is to make sure they own their investment, from registering their business name, their domain, their website and hosting rights. You never want to be left in a dispute with a provider and find that your asset has been taken from you or that someone has stolen your identity and registered it in their name.

6. We genuinely care

As business advisors our motivation for systEmise is to help our clients who are left behind in this new world of online technology and losing market share. The online industry has few regulatory standards and we see too many clients “ripped off “ by web providers that bluffed them into buying solutions that never delivered results, and were exorbitantly expensive. Every change was more dollars to the provider so they could lock you in to their proprietary systems. We guarantee that we will not do this to our valued clients

7. We are affordably priced

We believe websites can be built quickly and easily, and yet still look professional and be competitively priced.  Our themes, tools, and applications are easy to use and understand so you’ll never have to wait around for someone else to edit your site as we will teach you how to maintain it yourselves. Overall, we’re passionate about helping small to medium sized businesses succeed online.  We help you grow your business by providing everything you need to manage a dynamic site so you can attract, engage, and retain site visitors.However we are available to maintain your site for you if you prefer.

8. We focus on  results not just pictures

By using experts that understand and live Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).Our guarantee to you is that we use “white hat” structured code that is Google friendly for ranking and being found.

9. We monitor your rankings and give you regular reports and statistics

So you know how your investment is progressing we provide feedback and measurement statistics – i.e. visitor analysis and tracking and website performance together with extra services such as split testing of pages to see which formats engage visitors the most.

10. We have proved ourselves,as we have survived in business for 30 years

So we expect to be here much longer to support you and become a part of your team to assist you succeed online.

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