For clients on a tighter budget, we believe that a WordPress theme is the best way – indeed, the only way – to achieve a highly professional website for the minimum cost. The steps involved  in creating a theme site are :

  • Source and install a great premium WordPress theme
  • Set up the theme’s built-in features and layout options – blog, sidebar, footer, widgets, online contact form, etc.
  • Do a keyword analysis to identify the most popular search terms for your industry and provide search engine friendly professional copywriting for your website
  • Format your high quality photography to illustrate your website content
  • Layout  your content into the theme using its built-in styling and formatting options
  • Install and customise numerous other features – social media integration, customer testimonials, etc.
  • Install our favourite tried and tested WordPress plugins to add extra functionality to your website  including security, performance, SEO, Google Analytics, anti-spam, anti-virus, search engine optimisation and broken link checker plugins
Some people worry that a competitor will use the same theme. Since tens of thousands of WordPress themes are available, this is highly unlikely. And even if it does happen, your website will still be unique to you. A WordPress website is much more than its theme: it’s the theme options and colour scheme chosen; the website structure; the text; the images; and any customisations that have been made to the theme. No one can copy that. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised at how different the end result is to the sample theme they saw at the start of the project.
  • You own your systems – when you invest with systEmise
  • You get the IP, systems and training
  • Website Software – systEmise use WordPress which is open source software  which means you own your website and its contents
  • Domain name – we ensure that you own the title of your domain so no one can trade under your name. Why invest in online business solutions

By investing in your site, you are actually increasing the value of your business goodwill  – so it is definately worth the effort.

The latest trend in WordPress web design is Responsive Design . More and more users are searching the internet on mobile phones and tablets, so make sure your website is responsive – if not contact systEmise and see how we can help you.