3 Latest Facebook App Changes Every Business Needs to Know

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3 Latest Facebook App Changes Every Business Needs to Know

Have you managed a Facebook page – either for yourself or for a company?

Whether you are or not, you surely have encountered latest Facebook app changes that restructured your social media strategy. So today, we’re going to talk about these Facebook changes that you need to know before hitting that Post button.

The Facebook Algorithm

Facebook has changed its look and “algorithm” for determining which posts it shows on news feeds – just like Google!! It has been focusing its business users’ experience on company pages and made significant changes.

For example, Facebook does not entertain posts that are obviously advertising or persuading their viewers to take action in the post such as using the terms “Comment here”, “Share this” and “Like this” on the description field. The social media giant encourages businesses to be more creative with their content.

The question now is how you can keep up with these algorithm changes by Facebook. Take note of these valuable features – plus tips from us – so you fully understand how to improve your social media engagement strategy.

1. Boost posts vs Facebook ads

Previously, online experts claimed that boosting is a very sloppy way to promote your post. After the algorithm change by Facebook, they turned things around for ads. Based on research, Boosting posts is now the new hero of online marketers.

Here is a table showing the big difference between boosted posts and Facebook ads (promoted posts):

Boost Vs Promote

Image source from https://thedigiterati.com

This clearly shows that Facebook favours a much simpler look on promoted posts instead of those that were created through Ads Manager and Power Editor.


How do you differentiate a boosted from a created post anyway?

A boosted post is plain and simple with no extra buttons. It looks like a regular post and therefore it reaches more people.Sample Boosted Post

A promoted post, however, looks a little bit different. We can see it’s obviously an ad. A promoted post has a call to action button on top to “Like” your page and it shows that the post is “Sponsored”.


Source Image from https://thedigiterati.com/

Source Image from https://thedigiterati.com/

If we are to compare the process of how to promote or boost ads, we can say that boosting a post can be less tedious. In creating a promoted ad, you may still need to consider a few factors before Facebook can approve it for posting. As mentioned, you can create or promote an ad by simply using the Ads Manager or the Power Editor – which gives more count towards CTR (Click through Rate).

Think about this, why would you promote a post? Is it because you want to have more people see it? Keep in mind that people are more likely to ignore ads because they are too obvious. However, they are more likely to click on a post if it looks like a regular post on their timeline.

2. Upload your videos directly on Facebook

So you get more audience reach

After the algorithm change, Facebook now favours videos directly uploaded into Facebook instead of inserting a link to your YouTube videos. YouTube sharing is not as appealing as it was before. With Facebook videos:

  • You can now automatically play the video directly on Facebook without being routed to another website to play the video. The video thumbnails are wider and less wordy.
Video shared from YouTube

Video shared from YouTube


Video uploaded in Facebook

Video uploaded in Facebook


  • You can personalise the description which gives you more opportunity to promote your own content and website.
  • YouTube may be the authority towards video streaming but your business is circulating more on Facebook.

3. Know what is EdgeRank

EdgeRank may be an old school term for those who have been long-time online marketers.  The term may have been discontinued but the process is certainly still very alive.

For those who first heard it from us, EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine what posts to show on a user’s timeline. The algorithm is smart enough to know if your post is close to your audience’s interest. This is the main reason why you see more news feeds from friends regularly publishing posts that are shared, liked or commented to.

So, how does it work?

  • The more interactive your post engagements are on your page – whether it be through chat, comments or like – the more likely Facebook will show your future posts on your news feed.
  • This means the more interactions in your post, the more visible it is to your audience. In this case, share and like are not really counted as an “active interaction” compared to comments. So, even if you have 1 million likes on your post but averages 2 comments per post compared to a competitor with 20 comments by average but less than a hundred likes, their post would most likely be visible on news feeds.
  • Old posts are less likely to appear despite getting new comments. This is because Facebook wants the latest news. It is better to create a new post that is similar to what you did 5 months ago if you want to boost it.


The constant Facebook algorithm changes make it simpler for audience get what they want. Always keep in mind to stop creating content with lines “Comment”, “Share”, and “Like”.

Do not think that Facebook is a bad guy because Zuckerberg and his team only create rules based on users’ behaviours. For you to succeed in dominating Facebook, you have to follow the rules – a similar concept with Google’s algorithm changes.

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