9 YouTube Strategies To Run A Successful Marketing Campaign

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9 YouTube Strategies To Run A Successful Marketing Campaign

About 1 out of 3 people go to YouTube to watch videos daily- that’s over one billion users worldwide!! Many brands have run several successful marketing campaigns on YouTube. Not to mention the most popular YouTube stars who have earned millions of dollars by posting videos that went viral.

Clearly, it is a good place to grow your business by broadcasting your brand to a bigger audience.

youtube channel

systEmise YouTube channel

However, creating your own channel is just the beginning. It’s like when you first launched your business. You created a promotional campaign help to achieve your goals and build your brand. Your YouTube channel is the same, you need a strategy to maximise its’ potential.

And that’s simply because it too represents your ”brand” online.

So, in order to help promote your new YouTube channel, here are 9 strategies you can apply moving forward:

  1. Cross-promote teasers and videos to other social media accounts

You may have an existing Facebook business page or an Instagram account where you have a growing fan base. It’s clever to use these accounts as funnels to announce your new YouTube channel successfully.

Here are some ways offer more excitement to your loyal followers:

  • Give hints that something new is about to come
  • Create series and/or webisodes that build knowledge over time
  • Maximise the power of hashtag


  1. Engage With Your Followers

Even if the comments are negative.

Unpleasant comments are unavoidable. But, you can always turn them into positive praises if you address issues quickly.

Whilst it’s important to listen to your audience, it is better to deal with them respectfully. This is a good way to show fans that you are paying attention to their voice and appropriate take action.

TIP: Pay close attention to what they say. You’ll never know what ideas they can give to create new products and services.


  1. Polish Video Thumbnails

The recommended YouTube thumbnails are:

  • Less than 2MB in size
  • 1280 X 720 resolution

They may be small but is one of the most important things to focus on if you want a successful promotion on YouTube. It is the same as your business card for your channel. Keep in mind that when designing thumbnails, you must:

  • Use simple and clear words describing what your video is all about
  • Embed logo in either bottom corners
  • Make sure colours are complementary
  • Be consistent with your branding (ie. font type, colour scheme etc.)
youtube video thumbnails

systEmise video thumbnails


  1. Host a contest and/or webisodes

People just love contests, don’t they?

Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, fans often race their way to win contests. Here are key considerations before hosting a YouTube contest:

  • what the audience need and/or want
  • other venues/ sites to promote the contest
  • duration of the contest
  • number of winners
  • type of contest (eg. video making contest that promotes your brand)
  • what prizes you’re willing to give away
  • mechanics and rules (eg. ask them to tag 5 friends to get 1 entry)


  1. Measure results through analytics

It’s important to track your audience’s online behaviour as this increases the chances of having more YouTube views.

First, think about specific items you need to measure. Your campaign goal must be clear to measure your success. They can be:

  • Getting 20 leads every month (those who opted in my website)
  • Increasing the number of monthly subscribers
  • Selling 100 products per month
  • Identifying top 3 most watched videos

The good news is, Google and Facebook have their own analytics where you can see:

  • day/s of week when your audience is most active
  • top content with the most engagement
  • interests of your audience, and
  • time of day when they are active
Google analytics

The User Interface of Google Analytics


  1. Consistency isn’t the key

Rather, it is the door to success!

Keep in mind that setting up your channel means you are making certain commitments. YouTube requires more effort because video editing takes so much time before uploading. Make sure that what you upload on YouTube is aligned with what you post on other social media accounts.

Here are tips so you remain consistent:

  • list topics based on interests of audience you will highlight
  • create a timeline and/or schedule (ie. shooting, editing, uploading)
  • identify what materials you will use (eg. camera, software application, sounds etc.)
  • cross-promote on social media accounts (go back to number 1)
  • create your own hashtag for a specific video (don’t forget to include SEO meta tags)


  1. Collaborate with influencers

They could be the so-called “vloggers”, brands and organisations. Partnership with these influencers is mutually cost effective. It also opens doors to more opportunities, ideas and even new audiences.

Make sure that you are reaching out to influencers in a similar space to promote collaboration. Show your interest by sending them an email about your ideas and how it can benefit both of you.


  1. Make your own trend

You can’t always follow the trends online. You need to make your own.

Keep in mind that many are following the latest trends – which means competition gets tougher. Find ways to distinguish yourself from others. Be a standout so you become outstanding in your niche.

But how can you make your own trend?

It can be through creating your own hashtags, promoting products and services that aren’t offered by competitors and coming up with quirky ideas that are worth sharing.

The key is to become unpredictable so people become more interested following you.


  1. Promote videos in your newsletters

Personally promote videos to people in your email list. To do this, simply:

  1. Insert the Video Thumbnail image in your newsletter
  2. Copy & paste the video URL to that image

Once clicked, your prospects and leads will be redirected to your YouTube channel. Make sure to use a catchy and value-adding title to describe the video.


What’s in it for you

Running a successful marketing campaign on YouTube can give you significant benefits like:

  • generating leads
  • Giving you more exposure
  • increasing sales
  • improving SEO for your website
  • free promotion through video shares

And many more to discover once you start investing your time here.

Audiences are becoming more visual so why not consider this opportunity to build your brand. Remember these strategies, and you are on your way to success.


Time to upload your first YouTube video

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