January 2018

2018 SEO Trends: How to Improve Website Visibility in Search Engines

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Last year, we have listed 5 ways on how to improve your website visibility on search engines: Invest in value-adding content List keywords you want to rank for Install SEO plugins like Yoast Premium Update and remarket past blogs Maximise social media While these are still an important part of your SEO activities, our list [...]

June 2015

Our Performance Dashboard takes on a New Look!

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11th June 2015 systEmise like to take a proactive approach with you, our clients. We are always searching for the latest tools and service offerings - to give you a competitive advantage. We have discovered a new “performance dashboard” tool that offers better metrics to compare to your strategic goals. We are excited to be [...]

Study: 45% of Businesses Saw Ranking Changes From Mobile-Friendly Update

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1st June 2015 So was Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update (“Mobilegeddon”) overhyped or not? Well, perhaps yes and no. While the initial consensus after the update’s launch was that changes in search rankings were minimal, a recent study indicates that small-to-medium sized enterprises did see some significant changes – just not complete ranking obliteration as the [...]

April 2015

January 2015

It’s Happening! 8 Reasons why Bing is Big on SEO today

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When it comes to ranking most SEO specialist would kill for the first-page rank in Google, but who wouldn't want a top-notch spot on the search engine leader? Did you know that you might be limiting your SEO opportunity by focusing on only one search engine? Yes, Google might be a search engine titan but [...]

October 2014

SEO 2014: Is Google Authorship no longer relevant?

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Google has recently made some significant changes that innovates the SEO game play on the internet. Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller announced via Google+ that authorship on Google search results has been completely removed. It is also noticeable that Google has removed the video snippets on search result pages. This has made way for a [...]

November 2013

How Does Google Hummingbird Challenge our SEO Strategies?

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3 Tips to Snatch a Top Rank in Google after Hummingbird Google loves keeping us on our toes. With the recent update of its search engine algorithm ‘Hummingbird’, content marketers are once again challenged to change their strategies vis-á- vis content creation. Along with the need to keep abreast with what this little birdie means [...]

October 2013

7 Simple Steps to Creating an Engaging Homepage

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Most of us believe that your homepage is the door to our websites. I would say it is  more like your entrance area, which either welcomes your guests or deters them with all your clutter. Similar to your entrance area, your website’s homepage must be enticing and at the same time simple enough to hold [...]