7 Simple Steps to Creating an Engaging Homepage

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7 Simple Steps to Creating an Engaging Homepage

Most of us believe that your homepage is the door to our websites. I would say it is  more like your entrance area, which either welcomes your guests or deters them with all your clutter.

Similar to your entrance area, your website’s homepage must be enticing and at the same time simple enough to hold your visitor’s attention, fascinate them to visit other pages on your site.

There are 7 very simple steps which can help you optimise your homepage to engage your audience.

Design your page according to your target audience.

If your main audience is children your homepage should focus on the child. The theme you choose should be consistent throughout your website and represent the main purpose of your business. Your theme, colors and navigation are the key elements that initially engage visitors.

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Your tag line is the next most important element of your homepage.

This one comprehensive sentence describes everything your business stands for and should be displayed clearly on the top of your homepage. It serves as a key phrase that identifies your products/services by capturing the essence of three main elements: your mission, your promise and your brand.

Keep your information succinct.

With innumerable options on the net, visitors don’t want to waste time sieving through irrelevant content before finding the information they need. Mention your products in the beginning rather than putting them in the end. Use customised bullets, short paragraphs and structure your homepage into columns and sections to make it easy to read.

Create user-friendly navigation so visitors can easily find information on your homepage.

Who doesn’t hate getting lost in websites! The more well-organised your homepage layout, the better chances you will have of visitors returning to your website. Always keep in mind there are people with certain disabilities browsing your site. Instead of focusing on image maps, also use text-based links to help them sift through the different sections of your homepage.

Include an enticing logo and a quick loading main image.

Which reflects your services and get your message across. Avoid using high-tech flash intros, unless it is really necessary. Users are generally impatient and will not go to the trouble of downloading plug-ins to watch your intro or wait for it to load.

Make an irresistible offer in the form of a free e-book, newsletter or a well researched report on your homepage to compel them to part with their contact information.

Make certain your email subscription box is right at the front on your homepage, and voila! You can successfully market to your visitors even if they don’t visit your website too often.

To top it off create killer web content, so prospects are coming back for more.

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