Is Your “Contact Us” Page Scaring Away Potential Customers?

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Is Your “Contact Us” Page Scaring Away Potential Customers?

contact-usTo my utter dismay most of the contact us pages I have seen are formal, hastily put together, boring affairs which can drive away customers despite the website having a great sales page.

After making a tremendous effort to create a superb website with amazing graphics, why are website owners tempted to do a shabby job on one of their most important pages? The page that is the final step towards concluding a business deal!

After scrutinising numerous ‘contact us’ pages, here are the common errors I have seen most website owners make:

Insufficient attention to details

If you have a horrible looking contact page, I would suggest you give it a surgical uplift instantly. The tiny aesthetic details such as the font size, color and the tab size have to be perfect, consistent with your theme.

Appearing as impersonal to customers

There are contact pages which seem to tell visitors to stay away or else! A recent contact page I came across had no contact information, but instead a series of abrupt for visitors leaving comments or making inquiries. If you happen to have such an attitude while making your contact page, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from potential customers or visitors.

Not offering a physical address and telephone number

If you are a bricks and mortar business, a picture of your office and mentioning your address will make you seem more approachable to your customers. Insert a phone number along with your office hours to inform them about the best time to get in touch with you. If you have online businesses that do not have an office mention your email address and add your social media information for them to leave a note.

Keeping customers guessing about when you will get back to them

This is a mistake even the best of us make while planning our contact page.  We forget to mention when our visitors may expect us to respond. Mentioning a time frame to get back makes your customers less antsy as the waiting period can be excruciating and if you take too much time your customers might end up doing business with your competitors. The ideal time is to respond within 24 hours, however depending on your business you might prefer answering queries during weekends or a specific working day.

I always compare a good contact page to an ultimate sales tool, which either gets you business or makes your customers doubt all they have read about your services.

Some great contact pages I have come across are cheerful, friendly, make you feel right at home and encourage you to trust the owner.

This is the impression your contact page should have on your visitors, instantly developing a good marketing relationship with them and encouraging them to talk to you at a personal level.

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