Let Your Business Be Seen, Be Heard and Speak Out !!

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Let Your Business Be Seen, Be Heard and Speak Out !!


The team at systEmise have decided  its time to set the 3 wise monkeys free. These little monkeys whose message “don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak” are  embarking with us on a new journey and given the chance to finally speak out !!

Like it or not, the rules of business have changed – the technology revolution has opened up new opportunities for all to speak and have our message heard .

Is your business gripping onto the old ways, hoping that the market will just come your way  – or are you proactively embracing the power of the internet for marketing opportunities to let your business ” be seen, be heard and be found” .

Do you have a Marketing Strategy in place to advertise and engage your readers visually, vocally and through audio? Do you use the power of podcasts, videos, blogs and  images to drive traffic to your website through engaging landing pages, lead magnets and social media shares? Or  do you have your head in the sand and live in the hope that your business will survive without reaching out for new opportunities, new customers and new markets. The ground rules of marketing have changed.   Today you have “to be in it to win it “. So release the monkeys in your business. If you need assistance, call us and let us help you  find new market wisdom like the 3 newly wise monkeys.Monkeys0_3 (1)






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Angela Beale
Angie worked as a Certified Practising Accountant in England and Australia before moving into the Marketing and IT industries ( IBM, J D Edwards and Data #3) working alongside many of the top 100 companies in Australia.Angie applies her 26 years experience in Systems Development ( ERP systems) and Online Marketing to mentor small/mid businesses owners on attracting clients and growing their business through SMART marketing. Focussing on strategy, automation and systemisation.

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