Google’s Good News to Mobile Friendly Websites

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Google’s Good News to Mobile Friendly Websites

Have you optimised your website into a mobile friendly one yet? Google has more good news for you! I bet you’re itching to know more. Let’s read through and see.

Back in January 2015, Google advised website owners about turning their websites into a more mobile-friendly layout. For some website masters, it was a bit of a pain due to the tons of work that needed to be accomplished just to turn their little old website into something suitable for smartphone owners. But WHY did Google warn us about it in the first place? Well, as we all know, according to W3Counter, the trend of Google Chrome usage had incredibly increased from 0% to almost 43% by the end of February 2015.You must be wondering what’s the big news is all about? Wonder no more! Google has a treat for those who have customised their websites with a mobile-friendly layout. Don’t get too excited yet. First, let’s go back to the reason why we ended up doing this in the first place.

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Google Chrome has been the most used browser due to the fact that Android has set it as the default browser on their 4.0 and above platforms back on 2012. Also, with the increase of smartphone users, this has been a great turning point for online marketing.

So now, you might be asking — “What’s in it for me?”

To spill the beans, Google announced that they began using search data from app indexing of signed in users. This means that if your site or product has a mobile app indexed in Google, it’s a sure target for users who are looking for a similar product you provide. Google has executed this on February 28 giving small business app owners a great edge with the ranking.

Not only that, starting April 21, they will expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a part of their signal ranking. What does it mean, you say? It means that if your website has been properly optimised with a great mobile-friendly platform, then you’re one of Google’s favorite! Ranking up higher than other competitors who have a less mobile-friendly site and the high chance of being found easily are certainly great treats for your marketing strategy. Imagine what a huge advantage it is with your business.

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So is your website ready for this? If not, here are the things you need to do!

1. Have a Responsive Website

Since Google wanted every webmaster to comply with their new algorithm with ease, they provided a simple step by step procedure for you to follow. Awesome right?! You can search the web for more ideas on how to make your websites responsive. Your users should be, as much as possible, engaged on your website.

2. Have a mobile app for your website

It apparently became more and more convenient for smartphone users to just get an app from Google play or for iPhone users, the App Store. It’s always a plus for your business if you have an app available for download. However, be warned though, it will certainly hurt your budget a bit, but it will definitely make a difference!

3. Hire an expert

When we say, expert, do not be fooled with those spams you randomly get on your email. You have to make sure that the developer or website maker is an authority in their field. Research first of the credibility and capability of the developer. If you can get an all in one package that would certainly be great!

4. Know if you fit the category as “Mobile-Friendly”.

If you believe that your website has met the criteria, it won’t hurt to verify it right? You can check with us and we can use our Mobile-Friendly Assessment to verify that for you! If you failed the test, do not worry, we won’t just test your site, we will give recommendations on what you need to do!

Now you’re all set, what to do next?

Good question! We won’t stop there, of course. Consistency should always be there! How do I do it, you ask? Here are a couple friendly tools you can use to know where you stand on Google.

1. Google’s Mobile Usability Report

I’m pretty sure you have heard of this before. It’s a very handy tool where Google can provide you an insight of your current standing with online search. Since Google aims to provide searchers with only the most relevant sites, your website should always be considered as one. To understand further, you can visit this link.

2. PageSpeed Insights

No user wants to wait for a long time just to pull up a web page. So if your web pages are as slow as a tortoise, no one would ever want to visit them and that would certainly hurt your ranking and business. Not only that, Google will not recommend you for searches. Check your site with us now and see if you’re in top shape!

And lastly…

Know your users! Your site should be well optimised to properly target your users. The role of SEO will never end on this part of the game. Always consider your content and know the right tools for your business. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts in creating a user-friendly site design.


Bonus Tips and Tricks!

A good marketing background is not enough to be on top of the game, especially if you engage in online marketing. Strategy and having the right resources is the key. Talk to us and let us take you where you and your business belong! Email us at

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