Four Dynamic Tools You Must Use in Google Apps

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Four Dynamic Tools You Must Use in Google Apps

Google apps use your branded domain name, gives you an email and totally accessible from any browser. Here’s the exciting part, we will share these four tools that are completely free and very useful.  You can even add this in your marketing strategy. Google apps offer free tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google drive (including Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Slides and Drawings) and the awesome Google sites.

Most of our clients are now using Google Apps but finds it challenging to understand and maximise these free tools. If you can relate with them or you just started your journey in Google apps or you must  be looking for useful resources, here’s a quick guide on what you must use and get started with.


Google apps Gmail is one of the best free email service. Not only that, it is also guaranteed reliable and it has the best spam filters!

We recommend you to set up your signature. At the right side of your Gmail screen click the (1.) General tab icon then click (2.) settings.  Scroll down and look for the signature field.

gmail signature

If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, set up one now. Contact us  for an easy step by step  guide on how to create your  Gmail account.


Google Calendar

Google calendar is a user-friendly tool. Organising your schedule will be like a piece of cake.
Using Google’s free  Calendar tool makes it easier for you to organise and store life’s important events/dates. google calendar You can also share your schedule to your co-workers, family and friends, vice-versa.  Just click the “Other calendars” field in the left sidebar then type in the email address of your colleague.

You can even use your calendar when you’re away from your desktop, just sync your calendar with your mobile, android and ios device. Fast and easy.


Google Drive

googe driveGoogle drive is a virtual storage app for file sharing and online storage tool. Its like your online hard disk. It allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and more.  You can easily connect Google drive to your Desktop to easily open, edit and share your files. With Google Drive you can to store up to 5GB files.

Do you want to get started with Google drive? Go to and if you have concerns about your Google drive, feel free to contact us.


Google Sites

Google sites lets you create your own internal site for your company, organisation or institution. It is very easy to share and collaborate with your team members. The craziest fact about Google sites is, you can build a website with no html/coding involve. What a great find!  It also allows you to organise your business with your team, even your clients can work together to add file attachments and easily get information from other Google applications like Google Docs, Google Calendar, YouTube and more.

Google sites is the easiest way make all your files accessible to your team and clients who need up-to-date access.


With Google sites you will be more confident to access and organise all your files anytime anywhere (as long as you have internet connection)because you        stored them all in one place! This year 2014, aim to be paperless and efficient. No more disorganised desk.

P.S. Download this fact sheet to discover more excellent features  of Google sites.

Have you decided  to use Google apps? Check out the Google Apps Learning     Site.

If you already use one of these free tools, let me know your feedback. Just leave your comment below.

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