How To Create Catchy Taglines: 3 Basic Secrets Revealed

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How To Create Catchy Taglines: 3 Basic Secrets Revealed

“What are the factors or elements for a catchy tagline that best describes my products/services?” “My tagline is not effective. How can I do this right?” Clients usually ask this kind of questions, so we decided to write a blog about it.

Expressing what you offer in just a couple of words is a pain in the head. In other words, working out on an effective tagline is a head-scratcher.

A tagline serves as the catch phrase of your business; it has to be short, easy to remember, and engaging. Your tagline must represent or showcase your company in a crystal clear manner. Let me reveal these 3 basic secrets for a customer focused tagline.

1ST SECRET: Dig Deep on the Purpose of your Company

Why did you start running a business? What is your major purpose? Try to answer these two basic questions to establish where your focus is. This will serve as your first guide for your tagline – your stepping stone.

Most business owners experience this challenge of having a hard time building their taglines. Fortunately there are also owners who instantly created their taglines only because they totally understand the purpose of their company.

Remember, be crystal clear, be straightforward. It is essential for your business that customers can easily relate with what you offer so they can have the feel and drive to buy from you.

All right, have you started digging the main purpose of your company? If yes, you can list them down so as to remind you.

2ND SECRET: Add Benefits in your Tagline

Customers always need or want something. They do not bother to think about your business. They only think about your product/services and what help they can get if they purchase. It is a very wise move if you add a word that describes how your customers can benefit when they buy your product.

Now, go back to your list of the main purpose of your company then identify the benefits your customers can get from your product/services. List all those benefits you have in mind and pick your top 3.

3RD SECRET:  Brand your Tagline

How did you brand your business? You just need to put a branding in your tagline. In building a tagline, it must perfectly reflect what your business is all about. In other words, it must represent the image of your business.

What differs you from other competitors? What makes your product/services more unique than others? Your tagline must give customers or prospects a little taste of your products/services. It is like a teaser of what your business has to offer.

Remember those 3 basic secret, (1) purpose of your company, (2) benefits your customers can get and (3) company branding. Make sure to be customer-focused, this is how you can attract more clients with your tagline.

Focus on the need of your customers and how your company can help them.

How did you come up with your business tagline?

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