Organise Your Business with a Google Site – Aim to be Paperless and Efficient

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Organise Your Business with a Google Site – Aim to be Paperless and Efficient

Every business should have a central “meeting site” where you systematically store all your business documents, training materials, employee records, procedures and processes. It does not only adds value to your business but if anything happens to you or one of your staff, the next person can just pick it up and keep it running. You can keep your clients satisfied with minimum disruption.

Add value

Besides, you should already be thinking about an exit plan for your business. This should be on your agenda when you start your business –to build goodwill with a price tag attached. This is the most efficient way package your business with all your IP’S – your Intellectual property, internal procedures and processes. In fact, this is what we use ourselves at BMG and systEmise.

Easy to use  

Google Sites is the most convenient tool to easily access different types of files. Let’s say you need a company internal site (business intranet), membership site, an organisation site or team project – it is all possible with Google Sites! So easy to use because there is no programming involved so any of your team can quickly add new procedures, messages and announcements. In fact, it becomes your online meeting place ( with personality).  Each members main log-in could be through the site’s dashboard as be alerted with important announcements, team meetings and news updates (and birthdays and Christmas Party photos …….)

Up to date

People can work together on a Site to add file attachments, information from other Google applications like Google sheets and docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, YouTube, etc. Building your own business site (intranet) will be as easy as writing a document. As the owner, you also have the authority to control who can access each file. Google sites is very accessible as long as you have an internet connection.


Is it suitable for my business?

Google sites are super easy to understand, navigate, update and control. So we cannot think of any reason it would not have its place in your business.

Is it as easy as writing a document?

Creating your own page in Google sites is as easy as writing a document. A significant factor why I encourage you to try Google sites is, you do not need to have programming skills! Plus! You can easily share your files to anyone. Google sites is the best option for your team to manage all your files and build your own intranet or private network.

Is It a user-friendly tool?

Google sites is the most user-friendly tool to make all your business information accessible to anyone in your team/employees or even to your existing clients (and a prospect). You and your staff can work together on this site because its very easy to understand. Feel free to upload/add file attachments, you can also add your information from other Google applications like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, YouTube and more! You have full control whether you want to be the only one who can access  it or include your team, clients or even your whole business. It is all up to you depends on what you like.

Our team at systEmise has been using this amazing, timely and convenient tool as our internal team site. Now, we can start sharing our files with our clients. You know the saying “ tidy desk, tidy mind”, well since we have been using Google Sites we feel organised, systemised and less stressed as everything is there, searchable and full of images. All our files are in one place. So let us summarise some of the  great benefits of using a Google site..

17 Benefits of Google Sites:

1. It is totally free! We can help you organise your procedures and get you started.

2. Google sites is so fast and very easy to edit.

3. You do not need to have programming, coding, html or database skills! Creating a Google Site is as easy as editing a document, which means there’s no markup language for you to learn — just get started.

4. Integrated with Google apps like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and more to measure your performance.

5. Automatically updated with changes to Google docs, Google forms, Google Sheets.. so always the latest version.

6. You can access tools anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection.

7. You control user access and user permissions for secure documents.

8. You can store and share your documents; slideshows, videos, etc. and organise into procedure and process flows.

9. Google is behind you, so the growth of your site is highly assured.

10. Your site becomes a sale-able asset – it adds value to the Goodwill of your business.

11. Single page click creation. Creating a new page for your Google Site just takes the click of a button.

12. Make it your own. Our customisation options let you give your Google Site your own look and feel.

13. Get started with templates. It offers a growing list of page types — web page, announcements, file cabinet, dashboard and list — to help you get started with your Google Sites pages.

14. Upload files and attachments. Use the file cabinet to upload files up to 10MB in size. Each Google Apps account receives at least 10GB of storage in Google Sites. Google Apps Premier and Education editions get an additional 500MB for each user account.

15. It is integrated with other Google apps, so you can directly insert your videos files, documents, sheets, PowerPoint presentations, photo slide shows, etc. onto your Google Sites pages.

16. Work together and share. Our permission settings let you designate owners, viewers and collaborators (meaning they can edit pages) for your site. So you can make your Google Sites available to just a few people, your entire organisation, or the world.

17. Search with Google. You can search across Google Sites pages and content using powerful Google search technology. You’ll find specific pages and documents instantly, the same way you would on

If you want to have a tour in Google site Click Google Sites Tour.

Share your experience in using Google sites! Let’s learn from each other. Leave a comment now!

P.S. Want to get started now – then let us help you plan your site now.

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