It’s Happening! 8 Reasons why Bing is Big on SEO today

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It’s Happening! 8 Reasons why Bing is Big on SEO today

When it comes to ranking most SEO specialist would kill for the first-page rank in Google, but who wouldn’t want a top-notch spot on the search engine leader?

Did you know that you might be limiting your SEO opportunity by focusing on only one search engine? Yes, Google might be a search engine titan but a new recent shift is foreseen to happen and expected to make a change in the search arena.

Get to know the reasons why Bing is about to change the SEO game plan for many webmasters starting today.

Bing is Happening

With the release of Mozilla Firefox version 34 on 1st of December 2014, a huge change is about to happen.

Yahoo! recently announced their partnership with Mozilla, making them the default search engine for Firefox 34. This marks the end of Mozilla’s ten-year relationship with Google.

What’s more interesting, is Yahoo! acquired search engine default for North America followed by a changed on Yandex for Belarusian, Kazakh, and Russian locales.

Since Bing powers Yahoo’s search results this transition is seen to make a significant impact on the search engine arena. It is also foreseen that other country will follow on replacing Google as their default search engine in the future.

Let’s Go Down To Statistics

According to data gathered by StatCounter Global on 2nd December, Yahoo! usage on Firefox 34 rose to 29.4% compared to the 9.6% on the previous version Firefox 33.

A significant drop of 63.5% from 82.1% on Firefox usage as Mozilla upgrades to version 34.

Bing vs. Google statistics on StatCounter Global

These numbers pose a significant factor in terms of SEO strategy since the impact was seen in just a span of 24 hours. If these numbers have significantly changed for just a few hours, can you imagine the result that can be generated once other millions of Mozilla users start updating?

Are We Ready for this Significant Change?

Change is viewed as a constant occurrence. Who can predict it? No one. Just like this case, we are all taken by surprise with Mozilla’s sudden decision to shift from Google to Yahoo! as their default browser.

The question now for many SEO specialists, how will these affect the future of search engines?

Ever since we can remember, Google has been ruling the SEO arena when it comes to ranking, so Webmasters used Google to measure the ranking success of their websites. This resulted on a cut-throat competition against millions of websites aiming to be on top of the ranking.

However, other search engines were ignored such as Bing. This has been long neglected due to the wrong perception that scoring high on Google will turn out the same for other search engines like Bing. Although, scoring high on Google may be deemed to be a good result, we must also remember that even if they are all categorised as search engines, their algorithms are wired differently.Therefore, this can bring a different result from each.

Bing’s Friendly Approach

Because we are too focused on strategically penetrating Google ranking, many overlooked the potential tools and helpful guidelines that Microsoft has created for Bing.

To start your journey with Bing it’s important to familiarise yourself with its guidelines. This will be the necessary information you need to know to accurately navigate its capabilities.

But just in case you’re still having a hard time configuring its abilities, Bing’s webmaster team is ready to lend a hand.

SEO Potential on the rise

You will be surprised to know that Bing is SEO friendly. Who would have known right?
To deliver a comprehensive but easy to access tools on acquiring valuable data, Bing provided an SEO Analyzer that gives lists of suggestion on how you can improve your ranking on Bing and Yahoo. The tool is easy, just enter your URL, and you’re set.

If you are aiming at regularly monitoring your SEO related issues on your website, you can check out the free Microsoft SEO Tool Kit.

Bing gets you on the loop

If you want to know the latest news and updates about Bing and how you can improve your visibility on its search engine, you can access the Bing Webmaster Blog that offers help on how you can improve your web opportunity.

Bing is also engaged with sharing tips and techniques on how to improve your materials on the world of search engine through their Search Quality Blogs.

Differentiation from Google

There’s a higher probability that you will be comparing Bing’s capabilities to what Google has been capable of doing. To give you an insight of what Bing can do to your website, here are some factors you can consider:

  • The Bing Engagement. Bing is capable of measuring the effectivity of its search results by monitoring the outputs through a term called “pogo sticking.” The effectivity of a search engine lies on the search results. If people continuously visit, your site don’t need to go back to continue searching, then its a good sign of effective search output.
  • Your Social Media Pages Matters. Just like Google, Bing also upholds high importance to social signals. The only difference is that Bing strongly relies on these signals. Now, you can be assured that all the effort you put into your social media pages is assessed and rewarded by Bing.
  • Bing Authorship is here to stay. Unlike before, Google integrated the use of Authorship to identify the people who have written their own content, but this feature was recently slashed out of its feature. If you are aiming on snagging this feature, don’t worry because Bing authorship will stay for a long time. This is possible through its own version called Klout verified snapshots identifying your contents as your own.
  • No need to worry about backlinks. As compared to Google, backlinks are less significant when aiming for a top ranking on Bing. However, it finds importance on editorial type links in the body of the contents.
  • Content and Keywords are equally important. Bing values uniquely written content feed with specific and proper keywords. However, you also need to be careful with your content since Bing’s indexing eliminates duplicate contents.

Bing is friendlier on Punishment

Unlike the iron fist of Google, Bing allows you to check if your website has been penalised. All you need is to access the Bing Webmaster Tools and go to the Summary Tool and check on the Site Status section, and if it is marked as blocked then your website is penalised.

In the case that your website took the wrong action, Bing offers helpful advice on how you can get out of the penalty box.

The biggest shift in the SEO arena has already happened, and the results are coming in fast, highlighting an imminent change in the search engine game plan. The impact is felt in as fast as 24 hours and as millions of users begin to update, the future of Bing is fastly catching up with Google.

Do you think this significant shift of Mozilla Firefox 34 will have a major effect on SEO strategies today? Share your thoughts we’d love to hear from you!

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