Twitter Adds Tools to Audience Insights

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Twitter Adds Tools to Audience Insights

6th July 2015

Twitter is now offering advertisers new insights about user demographics, interests, purchasing behavior, and more thanks to aggregated data from Twitter itself, as well as partners Datalogix and Acxiom. These are available through the Audience Insights Dashboard.

Twitter says the data will help marketers pinpoint and target new audiences while keeping user info private.

As part of the update to the dashboard, Twitter is also adding “personas,” which is described as a new way to learn about relevant groups of users and target them in campaigns with just a click.

“Campaign insights help you better understand who you’re reaching with your ad campaigns,” says product manager Andrew Bragdon. “Within your campaign dashboard, you can simply click “View audience insights” to learn more about your paid audience, and then use this information to optimize your targeting and ad content.”

“You can also easily compare insights between your reached and engaged audiences,” he adds. “Your reached audience are users who are viewing your campaign; your engaged audience includes users who are actively engaging (replying, favoriting and Retweeting) with your ads.”

Advertisers who have enabled conversion tracking can see more about those who have converted in the past and compare data between reached and converted audiences.

Advertisers can also now see more info about users in their tailored audiences, such as those who have visited their website, those from their CRM database, and those who have taken specific actions in their app.

The Personas feature is only available in the U.S. for now, but will roll out to more countries eventually. Everything else is available to all advertisers globally.

In related news, Twitter has given mobile app users a new way to access campaign management tools.

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