Hot News: Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

//Hot News: Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Hot News: Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

After 13 years of connecting professionals worldwide, LinkedIn leaps to its biggest deal so far – with Microsoft. To preserve and develop LinkedIn’s business productivity, Chief Exec. Satya Nadella decides to let Microsoft acquire Linkedin for US$26.2 billion.

Embarking on its new horizon, with over 433 million professionals, merging with Microsoft’s premier software products, such as Word and PowerPoint can give a new boost to its service. It is a promising opportunity for professionals worldwide. As announced by CRN.

For LinkedIn, the opportunity to tap into  Microsoft’s customer base, including the 1.2 billion users of its Office suite of business software, could help it jump start growth, which has slowed in recent quarters.

“LinkedIn and Microsoft really share a mission of helping people work more efficiently”, said Nadella in a conference call with analysts. “There is no better way to realise that mission than to connect the world’s professionals.”

Nadella gave an example of a customer walking into a meeting scheduled on a Microsoft Outlook calendar integrated with LinkedIn, receiving notification that one of the people in the meeting went to college with a colleague.

“The future of productivity is around people, identity and data and the relationships between the them,” said Matt McIlwain, a portfolio manager at Madrona Ventures. “Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for the opportunity to leverage these capabilities and combine them with Microsoft’s strong but complementary assets in those three areas”

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