Twitter 140 Characters: Definitely a Hip!

//Twitter 140 Characters: Definitely a Hip!

Twitter 140 Characters: Definitely a Hip!

Twitter is now taking its next step and revamping same with other social media to offer a full-blown marketing ability to their users.  From a social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages, Twitter has evolved into a rich showpiece with the ability to describe content such as photos, videos, hashtags, and Vines. Now,  there’s a new significant change which is about to unleash. Twitter 140 characters stretching its limit and you can expect more informative and wordy tweets.

As we all know, most people now use social media mobile apps whenever they access their accounts, which repeal the main reason why the limit was rolled out – so that tweets would fit in a single text message. The 140-Character restriction won’t make any difference in the mobile view.

Jade Furubayashi discuss how this change will immediately impact us.

Revamping a mainstay in the digital marketing universe is a great way to get social media marketers shaking in their boots. But marketers should be rejoicing! What was formerly a small sandbox is now a full-blown marketing playground. In what ways will marketers be impacted by this change — for better and for worse?

Opting for In-Stream Content, Rather Than Linking Away

Contrary to popular belief (and multiple false reports), Twitter is not making this exception for links. Links will still be counted to the 140-character limit. So, why media and not links? We all know that people love visuals, but for Twitter it’s more than that. All networks are vying to keep people on their channel, as we’ve seen with Instagram’s gallery ad and Facebook’s Trending Topics.

By giving marketers who lean towards in-stream visuals the benefit of breadth, Twitter is able to keep its audience immersed in the channel for longer periods.

A Different Customer Service Experience:@Replies and RT’s

Obviously, there are major benefits to the new 140-characters for brands Who rely on Twitter as a customer service platform. The new limit will help cut down on those unnecessary and pesky two- and three-part Tweets. However, Twitter introduced even more changes that will alter how customer service on Twitter works.

To read the full details of the announcement, click this link.

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