How to Efficiently Manage a Facebook Change on a Page

//How to Efficiently Manage a Facebook Change on a Page

How to Efficiently Manage a Facebook Change on a Page

Facebook is constantly changing its business page features. Whilst some find it very useful, some think it’s unnecessary. Are you still getting by or are you one of those users who would like to advise facebook developers to consider this quotation:   “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“.

Chances are, users get alarmed about not being able to use their pages as efficient as before the modifications strikes. Recently, this is what happened when users are unable to switch from their personal profile to their business page. They can no longer ‘act as a page’.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to access your business pages effectively once again.

View your Business Page’s Newsfeed

News Feed is the constantly updating list of stories including status, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook. It is very important to check it every now and then to build your connection with the people that you follow.  Here’s the step by step process on how you can access your business page after the Facebook change:

Step 1: Go to your personal Facebook page. At the right corner, click the drop-down button to show your business pages then, click the page that you want to get into (even though your personal page name and profile picture still shows on top).Business Page’s Newsfeed

Step 2: Go to the left side and hit view pages feed and the posts from the chosen page’s newsfeed will come up. This will let you see  all the updates from other people that you have a connection with.

View Pages Feed

Access Messages And Notifications

All your messages and notifications are now at the top to the left and you will see a red light on if you have messages or notifications. In a business page, messages. A quick access to messages and notifications will help you track all forms of communication with your followers, those you have followed and even those would are not connected to your page yet- who have sent out messages to you.

Messages And Notifications

Act As Your Page

Pages are for businesses, brands and organizations to share their stories and connect with people. Branding is very important when it comes to business, especially in online marketing. It draws more followers and fans towards the account and it gives more branding and leads generation opportunities. You can customise Pages by publishing stories, events, job ads, adding apps and more. People who like your Page and also their friends can get updates on News Feed.

Once you are already on your page’s newsfeed , you can like, share or comment on you the posts but just make sure when you do – you have selected your business page picture, not your personal picture when making these shares, likes or comments.

Act As Your Page

Facebook updates often make tasks much easier! Now, you can like multiple pages as different pages without having to log in and out of pages. A perfect way especially for those who manage multiple pages, however, without proper knowledge on how to do it, this can really get frustrating.

Here at systEmise, we can help you not only to manage your Facebook business page but also to guide you whenever there is change. We been helping our clients not only on their Facebook Business Pages but efficiently helped them with all of their Social Marketing needs.

Our social media team believes that a strong social media campaign should be at the heart of your Marketing Strategy, to connect you with new audiences and to spark conversations with fans and followers, and can bring your brand to live through your personality and tone of voice.  Talk to us and we can help you further with this journey. Email us at and our Social Media experts will reach out to you.


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