3 Compelling Reasons to Have a Blog for Your Business Website

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3 Compelling Reasons to Have a Blog for Your Business Website

Small Businesses often make the mistake of attributing blogging to personal blogs, where bloggers mention their experiences, achievements and even use them as daily journals.

However, with time the purpose of blogging has changed from personal to business, and if you visit blogs online you might be astounded to find several reputed blogs with a following of a million or more readers. So, the most interesting part is that successful bloggers earn quite a fortune through their blogs.

Since the business factor alone should have piqued your curiosity as to how blogs can help your business website; I am jotting down 3 reasons which will make you seriously consider and eventually invest in a blog.

  • Establish your brand name. If you are a small or new online business, blogging could be one of the best ways of giving voice to your online business. Add fresh quality content which speaks to your target audience about their needs related to your business and mentions ways you can help. You come out as a real person to your visitors instead of a business that simply wants to sell. Furthermore, if you reply to the comments left by visitors you have a better chance of gaining their trust and bonding with them. If used wisely and with sincerity, a blog can quickly establish you as an authority in your field and become a strong marketing tool for you.
  • Increase your website traffic. An informative blog with useful content is always a success. Visitors like frequenting content which helps them solve problems and share it with friends and family. So, putting backlinks in your posts to pages within your website especially your sales page are a great way to market your products/services to a larger audience. Once you have your audience hooked they will spread the word about you and will want to visit your website to know what you are offering. You can also choose to have guest posts on your blog from other bloggers, and vice versa for more traffic.
  • Boost your social media strategy. Who doesn’t agree with the power of social media marketing in the present? Almost all businesses whether big or small have a team of people devoted to increasing their social media exposure through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This is to ensure all the traffic you receive on your social media platforms is also directed to your website. As a result, the followers on your social media platforms will be those readers who will want to visit your website for more information, will share and like your posts based on their quality and thus boost your social media presence.

If you are wondering about the cost of running a blog, it will come as a surprise to you that blogs are one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching your audience. Most business owners write their own blog posts or team members contribute.

Consider hiring the services of a professional writer to help you out, but that would increase the cost of running a blog for your business.

Irrespective of the short-term cost, you have my word and that of blogging gurus are great, updated quality blogs will bring you long-term financial benefits surpassing your short-term expenses.

However, to ensure long-term benefits it is wise to have a good quality blog which is regularly updated.

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