The social media marketing era has set the standard on how businesses can stay in the race. To make things light for marketers, different applications and websites have sprung up through all of this commotion. One of which is Hootsuite. If you stick with us, we will walk you through how this tool can help you to have successful marketing campaigns.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool for brand management. You can customise a dashboard to allow you to view, post, and schedule updates for top social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

It had been used by the leading social media marketers and considered as one of the top social media marketing tools. Hootsuite is very useful especially for business owners who are always on the go and social media management can be very tedious for them.

Let’s dig in further how can Hootsuite be the key to having a successful Social Media Marketing campaign.

1. Social Media Management

Hootsuite can help you simply manage multiple social media platforms. A great tip to easily monitor feedback from the various posts is to  connect to Hootsuite (you can start by registering a free account with Hootsuite – however, if you want to continue using the free account, you are only allowed to add three Social Profiles. To add up to 50 Social profiles, you can check their plans.)

Here are the main features that Hootsuite offers to manage your social media like a Pro.

  • Allows you to monitor your news feed, posts you’ve published to your page, posts made by profiles and pages you’ve added to specific circles, posts scheduled to your page and posts that match specific search queries in streams.
  • Send and scheduled posts.
  • Comment on posts and messages.
  • Provides you a comprehensive report of your social media analytics. However, this is an add-on subscription to the standard HootSuite account.

For each social media channel, there are additional features that might come in handy with your account management.


  • Monitor your Twitter feed, Direct messages, mentions, and retweets.
  • Delegate customer messages to different team members and these can be managed overall by an administrator.
  • Store draft messages that you can post when you receive a frequently asked question, for example, open hours or directions to your business.


  • Comment on other page posts you’re monitoring in a stream as your page.
  • Comment and track updates in your specific target Industries.

Google My Business

  • Comment on posts that appear in search or on your home newsfeed streams.


  • In your home page, easily comment on updates- track if someone has already commented on the post.


  • Allows you to monitor your latest followers and people you’ve followed.
  • Allows you to create your update through their platform on your desktop and sends you a notification on your mobile device to complete the rest.

(Note: You still have to publish through the Instagram app. Then, in the browser, you can comment on Instagram posts).

2. Customising which social media account you wish to manage

hootsuite for social media marketing

Having a free Hootsuite account, you can choose three main Social Profiles depending on your business needs by considering which Social Profile has the biggest audience or followers. As a business owner, you should always use the best strategy based on your budget.

You can create lots of searches and can just engage with specific people in your Twitter lists. You will also have the ability to monitor your private messages on Twitter and Facebook. Schedule posts and keep tabs on your private group activity.

3. Creating a Priority Tab



After choosing your three main Social Profiles, you can proceed in creating your priority tab. Priority Tab is your way to track important information for your accounts- eg private messages, posts to your page, updates from the list of people that you want to engage with most, and discussions from your groups.

4. Monitoring Brand Mentions

Keeping up with the latest news is critical to your business – so a tab for brand mentions is a must. We recommend Twitter and Instagram, the latter if people are posting pictures or videos of your product.

5. Free add-on Apps anyone?

One of the best things about Hootsuite, it offers free apps. If you want to monitor the analytics of your latest YouTube videos, you can track mentions of your name across the web in Hootsuite streams. You can add free apps for Hootsuite.

How to add streams:

  • Click on your Add Stream button in the tab where you want to add the stream



  • Click on Apps


  • If you don’t see the app you want to install in the initial list, Click the Get More Apps button



Keep in mind that Hootsuite doesn’t provide the apps, these are provided by third parties. Make sure to read the reviews before you install to ensure it’s legit before entering your account information.

You’ll find free and paid apps, such as for email marketing, CRMs, video hosting and more. These apps will allow you to monitor even more information inside your Hootsuite streams.

Our social media team can help you with your journey towards social marketing success with the help of this tool and our strategic planning and tactics. Talk to us and we can help you further with this journey. Email us at and our Social Media experts will reach out to you.

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