Your Business Facebook Page Is Good But You Should Have A Website

//Your Business Facebook Page Is Good But You Should Have A Website

Your Business Facebook Page Is Good But You Should Have A Website

Do you have a business Facebook page to sell products and offer services? It is a good idea to have one. But, to consider it as a website can be the worst idea.

Whilst Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, you need to make sure that your business is not reliant on Facebook alone. If you don’t have a business website – read on to find out why your business website is the central hub of all your marketing activities.

It’s a question of control – and risk

Facebook owns the platform – not you or anyone else. They control how the page looks and what visitors see. You are putting your business at risk. It may allow you to include your mission and vision statements, office hours, and even the so-called carousel ads where you put all products you want to sell. However, it never allows you to control how it should appear overall.

On top of that, it can easily be hacked. Any sensitive information (ie. transactions with suppliers and customers) can be easily tracked down. You may not be aware that whilst typing a good deal to send to your client, you are secretly being watched by a hacker – who may happen to be your tight competitor.


Their turf, their rules, they go down and so do you

There are many people who exclusively market their products on Facebook without realising its limitations to sustain and maximise their business’ marketing and promotional activities.

Here are important future circumstances you have to consider:

  • Facebook pages can be shut down, stolen, deleted or blocked and you have no control over this.
  • Facebook holds the power, through its terms and conditions, to dictate what you should and shouldn’t do within its pages. Facebook is constantly changing its Pages platform and the Terms of Service that govern them. It is Facebook alone that decides and controls what you can do on its platform.
  • Your business Facebook page is susceptible to different threats online. This creates a constant risk to your business related pages. There are many horrifying stories and incidents of affected businesses that have lost market share when their Facebook page was brought down.
  • Do not confuse your Facebook “likes or fans ” with company database or list. For many businesses, the value of their goodwill is correlated to the size and quality of their marketing list. Merely having “Facebook fans” does not constitute as a reliable list as the fan can “unlike” you at any time, and there is no guarantee of the website URL or email or the prospect being available for alternative means of communication
  • Privacy Laws in Australia state that to email market to a prospect or customer – that person should have subscribed to your list. A valuable list is one that has genuine “subscribers” that have “opted-in” on your website and agreed to receive your information.


Time Consuming  

Social Media sites are 24/7 which means you must monitor them regularly.  Your Facebook page is exposed to offensive comments and spam. These can be seen by numerous viewers and must be actioned to maintain your business credibility.

Whereas when you have a business website, you can control what comments to be approved. You can avoid these offensive comments and spam without being seen first by your visitors.

Long-term risk

Have you thought about what the consequences to your business if the popularity of Facebook as a social media channel went into decline? Every “like” or fan that you invested time to acquire would stand for nothing.

One innocent infringement of the rules or spam complaints puts your business page at risk of being shut down. You must read and understood the rules to be sufficiently confident that your actions are within the scope of its conditions.

Do not mistake “Likes” on your Facebook Page to be your business marketing database. Firstly Facebook does not show all your posts to all of your “fans”.  Facebook developed an algorithm “Edgerank” to determine what is displayed and how high on the newsfeed. Not all of your posts are featured in your subscribers feeds, and since statistics show that the average viewer on Facebook spends just 40 minutes a day on Facebook – your post may get overlooked, being far down their daily newsfeed.

Advertising and promotion are costly on Facebook and with no guarantee.


Take Action – invest in a website today

If you want your business to continue to grow no matter what Facebook decides to do, you need to take action today!

Maintain control over your business asset

  • YOU need to be in control of your business, and all its parts.
  • This means you need your own hosted WEBSITE, with your own domain name, that you control, organise the contents and control the appearance.


Change your focus –  make your Website the centre of your business marketing strategy

  • A smarter strategy is to use Facebook as a means of generating traffic to your business website.
  • Focus on sending your Facebook fans from your Facebook page to take action on your website so you can build a valuable email list by offering them something in return for their email address.
  • Having your own email list enables you to contact your prospects with news updates, products, special offers whenever you want and within the scope of the law.


Social strategy and diversification

By sending Facebook fans to your blog, you can use those fans to drive more traffic for you. For example, if a Facebook fan visits your blog and then “likes” your content, a friend of theirs might visit your site and do the same, hence bringing more traffic.

SystEmise can advise you on using the right plugins and strategies to encourage people to share your content on MULTIPLE social sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn – leveraging that blog content even more.

Using different social media sites for marketing and promotional purposes spreads your content further and can keep the traffic flowing even if one of your social media branches get derailed.


Other benefits of a professional website

  • Visibility. Most people go online to find a specific product or service or company – and are more frequently using a mobile device. With a website, you control the appearance, incorporate apps to make phone calls, get directions to a location etc.
  • A well kept and organised website showcases professionalism.
  • Your website identifies your online entity and separating you from text listings online like Yellow Pages and Yelp.
  • Diversity. It attracts potential and new customers through web searches
  • Branding. It helps build your branding by displaying the character of your company without the limitations of other sites.
  • Credibility. Having your websites displays how committed and serious you are.
  • Visual Advantage. Your website serves as the primary visual aid for your customers worldwide.

In conclusion, all actions and marketing efforts on Facebook are dependent on its Terms and Conditions. Facebook has the power to suspend or shut you down if you don’t conform its ever changing rules. Take control, use Facebook to build your Marketing Funnel to direct traffic to the platform that you control – your Website.

For more information on how systEmise can help with your marketing strategy visit


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