Social Media – What’s In It For Me and My Branding?

//Social Media – What’s In It For Me and My Branding?

Social Media – What’s In It For Me and My Branding?

This year, Social Media will become a more powerful tool to use in your business and branding. You must be wondering how that can be possible. Well, let’s see what the experts have to say.

In the latest report from Smart Insights, social media engagement and audience reach have been an essential strategy for businesses searching for leads and prospects. Most companies are now using social media for their business advertisements because of the proven results. Social media engagement has been a regular activity for most of the internet users all over the world. The total Australian population, as of January 2016, is sitting at 24 million and around 58% of them are using Facebook alone. This kind of data forced the online marketing industry to adjust and adapt to the current trend of their target audience.

The question remains to be – “What’s in it for me?”

Technology is very dynamic and if you use this as a tool for your business, you have to keep up with the trends. Admittedly, there are some practices that most business owners are already doing but they are not aware of its impact. Especially for the year of 2016, Social Media should be the highlight of every marketing strategy to gather more leads.

Now, how are you going to do it? You may want to check on the following points below and see how your current efforts rate:

  • Highlight your Company’s Culture
    • Introduce the people who work with you. Show off your employees and talk about things that motivate them at work. With this, your audience will see that your product or service is prepared and served by people who love their job. This gives a great impression of the quality of service or product your company provides. Having happy employees is one of the best assets of your company.

Let them know your culture

  • Make your Posts a “Must Share”
    • Sometimes, focusing on your product alone and what you do is not enough. There will be times when your audience is fed up with reading advertisements and news about you and your company. The majority of Social media users love posts that they can relate to. Invite your audience to interact on your page by posting non-company related items such as quotes or funny images. The amount of shares and likes that are generated will be tracked by the algorithm of the social media channel (i.e. Facebook) and that means more audience engagement. Remember, engagement is the key.

Post Something Sharable

  • Engage yourself through Videos
    • While photos and images can be interesting, if you are an online business and want to entice your audience more, you may want to make it more personal. When a CEO or Founder of a business starts talking to his audience, they will get that feeling of humility of the big boss and would see a different level of respect and appreciation towards your company. See Facebook Expert Amy Porterfield’s video below.

Amy Porterfiled Video

  • Great Branding is the key
    • Never neglect your branding. Not only does it symbolise your identity as a company, but it is the best way to represent yourself as an icon and authority in your industry.
  • Entice people to opt in
    • Lead generation is still essential. Encourage your audience to opt in on your landing pages on your website by providing a direct link. The introduction for the post can make or break their decision to opt in so make sure that it’s very enticing without looking like you’re selling something. Remember that people are fed up with advertisements.
  • Utilise the Event Feature
    • This is mainly for Facebook. The event button is not created for display. It has a purpose that most users neglect. This can be used for lead generation. You can create a exclusive event or offer for Facebook users . It’s a great way to introduce new services or products by inviting people to the launch.

BMG Event

  • Start a conversation with your audience
    • Talk to your audience. Posting a simple statement or topic to discuss with your audience is another great way to generate more engagement. This is useful to observe how your audience think. You can generate better insight  on how to approach your audience next time you try to generate more leads. The more you know your audience, the better you can create campaigns that are directly focused on their needs and buyer personas.
  • Share your own story
    • Knowing the “About us” of your company had always been an interesting topic for your target audience. This will show how your company began, your personality and an insight into your goals, which can benefit them as your customers.
  • Use Ads features
    • You have to use the best option to advertise your product or service. Don’t be a cheapskate and try utilising the Ad features on social media. If you want to get more reach than your current fans, you have to spend a few bucks to gain more in return. However, ensure that the timing and cost is just right and will not make you overspend. Plan carefully. Make sure that you’re doing it cost effectively.

If you think you don’t need Facebook and other social networking sites, think again. 2016 is the era of Social Media Marketing. 2015 started the spark and this year it will soar higher. Social media reaches everywhere and almost everyone uses it. If you do not wish to be left out, ACT NOW!

If you are uncertain of what to do, how to get started and unfamiliar with the platforms, systEmise can help you. Our expertise in social media can help you reach your goals. Talk to us now at and learn more about the social media best practices. Our client testimonials prove how systEmise strategies can assist you with your business growth.

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