It’s time to start thinking of your Clients as birds

//It’s time to start thinking of your Clients as birds

It’s time to start thinking of your Clients as birds

By Emma Acret and Sarah Beecroft

The importance of understanding your client’s personality type.

Are you an eagle or a peacock? Or do you posses the quality traits of an owl or a dove? Either way it sounds confusing, but Tony Gattari, an influential business advisor, has developed a theory which has helped him succeed in business. We were lucky enough to attend a recent Sydney Conference where Tony explained how understanding these different personality structures can transform the way you do business with clients.

If you want to be sure your customer liaison is effective, recognising each personality structure is key to  your success. Tony divides his clients into four main personality types; eagles, peacocks, doves and owls. By identifying the character of your client, you can develop a strategy that connects with them and helps you build a better relationship and bring you closer to the sale.


The Four Types of Clients

The extroverted eagles are first. They are  independent and strong-willed people. They want to see achievements and results and they don’t care what it takes to get there. 10 percent of clients belong in this category.

The peacocks are driven by image. They’re impressed by awards and endorsements, and the look of their marketing material. 25 percent of clients are peacocks.

The cautious and conservative are the doves. They need reassurance from their partners before they make a decision and they base their choice on risk assessment. This covers a much larger 40 percent of clients.

Owls are analytical.  They love facts and case studies. They will often catch you out if you don’t know the details of your product as well as they do. Purely perfectionist and again 25 percent of clients.

Are these traits beginning to look like the customers you have dealt with in the past? So how do we go from recognising the four types to landing the deal?

The four bird types and the percentage of clients with that personality :-



Eagle Dove

Owl Peacock


How to Win Them Over

Tony says the best way to deal with these four client personalities is to take on their mindset and think like one of them. People like people that are similar to themselves and that show the same interests and have the same personality.  

Eagles are tough cookies that don’t break easily, which means you can’t either. Stand up to their negotiations and try not to fold too early. They will respect your equal level of confidence.

In order to persuade a peacock you need to convince them that your product is the newest, trendiest product out there, that very few people have. Make sure you do not disagree with any of their past purchases as this is the biggest insult to them. They are the ones that queue for hours to get something unique, to draw a crowd of spectators to impress. Showing them products are the most popular is an absolute turn off for them. 

Doves need to be nurtured, to know they can trust you. The best way to sell to a dove is to reassure them that they can’t lose by offering them guarantees. More importantly, you can benefit by winning a dove over because they will always confide in their dove friends about how great your products/services are, as a business to trust. They become loyal repeat customers and will be the ones to send their friends to you – “tell them I sent you along and they will look after you”. 

Owls crave details about the product. Ask them questions about the research they’ve done and turn the tables so that the client is the expert telling you about the product. Let them make their own decision by weighing up the pros and cons from their own information plus what you are able to provide. Let them talk, go along with them – ask them the questions so they can talk further. Finish by saying, “you’ve done so much homework, I am so impressed.  So based on all your research, which would you advise people to buy?”

So, in your following business endeavours, try and recognise the four personality traits and incorporate these methods into your marketing and see what a difference it makes to your results. How will you approach your next client?


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