Why Use Instagram for Your Online Marketing Needs?

//Why Use Instagram for Your Online Marketing Needs?

Why Use Instagram for Your Online Marketing Needs?

As of September 2016, there are 500 million active online users of Instagram worldwide. Online marketers have started to actively target these users. Imagine the mass of possible prospects that these marketers can target by advertising on Instagram. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Instagram knows this and provides business professionals who use Facebook for their business another edge, adding more flare to their mobile marketing experience.

Why use Instagram in the first place?

At one point in time you may have used Instagram for personal use. However, as a business owner, have you considered using this for your brand?
Instagram has been rolling out its’ new features. From adding Advertisement options to expanding their image size to accommodate panoramic images, it is very obvious that the developers are very keen to improve this social media channel beyond personal use. It is a known fact that Facebook acquired Instagram in April of 2012, and since then, it has drastically improved its interface, so marketers are now jumping on-board to cash in on the benefits.


So what’s new in Instagram this time?

A few features had already been added in the user interface of Instagram and now the developers are dressing them up nicely. This makes it more user-friendly and adaptable. Let’s see what they have been doing for so far.

Improvement on Instagram Ads

While ordinary users enjoy their Instagram experience, online marketers can take it further. Since Instagram Ads started in the last quarter of 2014 to limited countries, developers have been improving this feature since then. Recently, Instagram announced that it is now available worldwide. Marketers located outside the western countries are now able to take advantage of this great feature.


Also, there are multiple ad formats now available for you. You can use any of the three: image, carousel, or video. In order for you to post an ad on your Instagram account, you have to associate your Facebook account with it. You would need to use the Power Editor to use this feature. Click here to learn how.

Automatic posting on your Facebook Business Page

Yes, you certainly read it right! You can now create an account which you can directly link over to your business page in Facebook. Here’s how:-

Step 1 Create an account under your business name. After creating, click on the options.


Step 2 Link your Personal Facebook account that manages your Facebook Company Page.


Step 3 Link your Facebook Page to your Instagram account by repeating the same action. This time, you will be able to see a tick mark on Facebook and once you click it again, it will show you the list of pages you manage. Just choose the page you wish to connect it with.

Step 4 Test your settings by posting your first Instagram photo

Call to Action Buttons are now available

Since the birth of ads on Instagram, Call to Action buttons are a must. The main purpose is to improve the engagement of users seeing your Ads. Instead of clicking the link you added to your post and getting routed to a different location, you just click one button. This saves time and makes it easier to be interactive on your ads.


Instagram’s algorithm on Engagement Rate

As mentioned in a previous article, engagement is very important for your post to be dominant on your Facebook page. The developers adapted this algorithm for Instagram. Once you post an Instagram ad, the more interaction and engagement that ad receives, the bigger the chance it will be recommended to your target users. Plain and simple hey!

Don’t hold back!

Visual Social Media is one of the best ways to advertise. You may have heard in the past that it does not work well because of the downfall of some of the similar platforms, however, it’s different this time. With Facebook backing up its development and features, Instagram has a long yet fruitful road ahead. Do not hold back with rumors and past experience. It has been proven just how big the impact of Instagram is. You may spend a few dollars for the ad, however, it will be worth it.

Before we end this article, here are a few things you have to remember when starting your Instagram marketing.

  1. Use your company name as your username. This gives more emphasis on your branding.
  2. Use your company logo as your profile picture. Make sure it is a circular shape. 300×300 px is the recommended size.
  3. Do not leave the description blank. Use a catchy tagline if needed which describes your brand.
  4. You need to create a Personal account, then, create a Facebook Page which your account manages under it.

It is against Facebook Policies to post an advertisement on your timeline using your Personal Facebook Account. You are required to create a separate Facebook Page for your business.

What to do next?

Social media has been an integral part of an effective online marketing strategy. We, at systEmise, recognise this and we’d  love to provide assistance to help your business benefit by using effective strategies. Contact us at admin@systemise.com.au

See our clients’ success stories by reading our case studies and client testimonials.

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